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Join Renault Group, you will reinvent mobility for all and challenge preconceived ideas and help to drive the future with various partners.

Three good reasons to work with us.

  1.  Reinvent mobility for all
  2. Thrive with us, have an impact
  3. Experience the power of diversity within our alliance unique in the automotive sector

Memorable experiences

At Group Renault, your well-being is a priority. Everything is set up so that our employees thrive in their work environment, both personally and professionally. A collaborative spirit leads to a successful career.


Make your professional plans come alive

Build your career at a company that values learning, like Renault Group. Discover new cultures, face new challenges and grow, learning more every day with us.


Make a contribution

At Renault Group, we think it’s fundamental to reward employees, both in terms of compensation and recognition. We take great care of employer-employee ties, so that everyone is recognised and rewarded for their fair share.