Renault Group

Make a contribution

apportez votre contribution
We perform best when we love what we do — and when we feel valued. With this in mind, Renault Group has put employee recognition at the centre of its policies. A way to encourage employees to follow their passion. A win-win that’s part of our DNA.

A chance for mutual development

Renault Group’s relationship to its employees is based on mutual development. It’s a virtuous circle that encourages our employees to push themselves to go further. Because at Renault Group, we think that the company’s rewards for its employees are essential. They’re an effective way for employees and the company to grow side by side.

The Group offers a lot leeway, a lot of opportunities for people who want to take things into their own hands, to set the course for their professional life, to take up challenges and work with people from different cultures.

Miguel Valcarcel
HRVP Employer Strategy & International Social Relations

A process of encouragement

Recognising a job well done, offering encouragement, congratulations — at Renault Group, we think interaction should help employees enhance their career. It’s a feedback process, giving people a chance to forge ahead.

Evolving compensation

The fixed portion of an individual’s compensation evolves to ensure consistency between their contribution and their level of responsibility. Employee compensation is regularly reviewed in light of job performance and the market. Individual performance, depending on the level of responsibility, may also be rewarded with a variable portion that aims to recognise commitment, contribution, and results.

Evaluation is determined in a dialogue between the manager and the employee in the annual individual review. Job performance is assessed on precise criteria that are identical for all employees at the group. Evaluation is regularly enhanced with co-worker assessments, to ensure consistency and equity within the company.

Valérie Bourassin 
Head of Employment, Training, and Skills for France

Rewarding teamwork

Beyond individual performance, the group recognises employee performance through a profit-sharing agreement with the group, where regulations allow. This last factor, which involves one profit-sharing programme tied to the group’s financial results and another tied to the local performance of each organisation, lets employees share in the fruits of the company’s success, both globally and locally.