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Make your professional
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How Groupe Renault supports your ambitions

At Groupe Renault, all employees have the option to make their career grow by continuously learning more and developing their skills. When it comes to job mobility, there are plenty of customisable opportunities.

A company that values learning

At Groupe Renault, you’re always the learner, the expert, and the trainer. Training is at the heart of our company values. Our principle is to learn every day, in order to grow, enrich our experience, and develop new skills. Every member is invested in this process, with a real willingness to share their knowledge. It’s a mindset that’s deeply rooted in our company culture. Our goal is to be learning non-stop.

Employee support: a priority

The group supports its employees as they develop their technical and personal skills through a combination of:
- Training offered by the network of Renault training centres.
- Digital learning: a platform where every employee in the Alliance can train at their own pace,
- Innovation labs and creative labs that foster creativity.
- Mentoring programmes: first-time managers, new employees, women’s careers, and more.
- Development opportunities: transversal development tasks, coaching, co-development, etc.

highly developed internal mobility

At the heart of Groupe Renault’s policy, internal mobility regularly offers you the chance to grow. You’ll have the opportunity to renew and expand your skill set as you’re faced with different positions, methods, and processes. The ability to change jobs is one of the company’s real strengths, thanks to our numerous bridge programmes.

An international context for a multicultural environment

At Groupe Renault, international experience is part of everyday life. With multiple locations around the world, we offer you the chance to work with employees of every nationality, and to be in constant interaction with different cultures. Shared projects are very common, and are a good way to enhance your experience and discover new markets. You can also get an overseas position with the group, or take advantage of the opportunity to transfer between companies within the Renault-Nissan Alliance.

By joining Renault you benefit from the real experience of making business with customers and partners from all over the globe. It gives you a unique opportunity to grow fast and acquire a priceless international exposure working with highly involved teams.

Miguel Valcarcel
Region Europe HR director


You’re in charge of your own mobility. It’s up to you to express your wishes and build your plans with your manager. You can submit your request for a position at any time by contacting our managers at the group’s internal site Talent@Renault.