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You are looking for a meaningful mission? You want to make a step further in your career? Or you simply want to discover what Renault Group can propose as missions ? This area is created for you to discover some of our key professions and how they evolve with time to serve our group and brands' development.

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Software architects, devOps, cybersecurity data engineers, scrum master… Join us to solve the challenges of tomorrow’s mobility.

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When someone buys a vehicle from one of our brands, we must be able to guarantee maintenance and repairs. This is precisely the role of the aftersales Division, whose objective is to always better meet our customers' expectations.

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New uses, energy alternatives, types of driving: the car industry has rarely lived through as many changes. Faced with this exciting perspective, our Communication function has a crucial role to play.

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Design plays an essential role in the success of our Group’s brands. Vector of innovation, it allies technical expertise, imagination, creativity, and high-quality standards.

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Digital Technologies

What does "being digital" means for Renault Group? Equipped with digital work tools at the forefront of the technology and collaborative processes, we provide to our customers with increasingly connected and innovative mobility solutions.

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The role of our engineering team's? Engineering attractive and reliable products for tomorrow's sustainable mobility: driving assistance, smart cities, touch screens, connected services... and other new projects are yet to come!

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The finance function plays a crucial role in group's performance management, especially in a transformation context that our group is living today.

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Human resources

The human resources function seeks to provide Renault Group with diversified human resources focused on the challenges of today and tomorrow, to continuously adapt the skills of the company’s personnel to the need of the company, and to contribute to management quality.

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Every day, we manufacture the vehicles and powertrain components of our brands at the highest level of quality for our customers.

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Marketing & sales

In Marketing, we imagine, define and create customer experience, as well as marketing contents for our 4 differentiated and complementary brands: Renault, Dacia, Alpine and Mobilize. We also accompany their renewal all over the world.

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The automotive industry is changing. So are our customers' expectations. New technologies, services, connectivity, autonomous and electric vehicles... The Purchasing Organization is on the front line to find the best products and suppliers to meet these exciting challenges.

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A real proprity for all the brands in Renault Group, the quality is the cornerstone of the trust placed in us by our customers. The Quality team not only carries our customers' voice and demands, but also inspire all the teams in the group to work together to serve them.

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