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From product design through to manufacturing then sales, Renault teams across all functions work hand in hand to fulfil their common goals. Take a look at some of the missions involved in the rewarding work experience within Renault Group.

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Tomorrow’s vehicles will be electric, connected and autonomous. In its work on designing the vehicles of the future, Renault engineering teams harness innovation in fields such as artificial intelligence, mechatronics, software and embedded systems, with the ultimate goals of product excellence and customer satisfaction...

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The Renault manufacturing function abounds in new automotive technologies, and relies heavily on effective teamwork. And it covers 38 Renault Group production facilities all over the world...

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On-time delivery, the customer’s first satisfaction experience, marks the culmination of a complex process involving a long chain of players fielding highly varied skills...

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The purchasing function handles negotiation and purchase of parts, services, plant machinery, etc. for one of the world’s biggest automotive groups, ensuring quality and compliance with delivery times and cost conditions.

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Customers appraise their new cars with their senses. The mission of the Quality Department is to ensure that nothing gives rise to disappointment: the headlight shape, the shine of the paintwork, the feel of the interior materials, the sound of moving parts when operated, whatever.

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Product planning takes a customer-centred approach to determining vehicle content and services capable of ensuring the coherence and profitability of offerings throughout the product lifecycle.

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Design is a primordial factor in market success for a vehicle. Though the technical aspects of design work are much more complex to describe, design personnel obviously require imagination, creativity and an acute sense of aesthetics...

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The Finance Department oversees the group’s financial liquidity. It ensures compliance with accounting, tax, customs and financial communication regulations. It evaluates financial risks and puts forward appropriate countermeasures, providing its partners with due expertise...

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Career opportunities in digital technologies in the automotive industry are expanding fast, with the emergence of sophisticated vehicle connection capabilities, the extensive use of digital design tools and advanced robotics, and analysis of vehicle usage and customer behaviours in order to enhance our proactivity. Digital technologies are becoming a ubiquitous feature of all plant, tools and systems in use throughout the company, enhancing interconnection, teamwork, ease of use, mobility, and efficiency in general.

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Marketing / sales

Upstream sales function missions involve analysing customer needs and defining the means to be implemented for selling our products and services. Downstream functions focus on ensuring irreproachable service from the customer’s order through to vehicle handover then throughout the product’s service life, while achieving profitable growth in sales volumes.

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Main missions here include developing and managing Renault Group's aftermarket strategy, and designing and selling parts, accessories and services offerings, with the goal of constantly improving customer satisfaction.

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The human resources function seeks to provide Renault Group with diversified human resources focused on the challenges of today and tomorrow, to continuously adapt the skills of the company’s personnel to the need of the company, and to contribute to management quality.

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The primary mission of the communications function is to promote the image and reputation of Renault Group and its products and brands, and contribute to personnel motivation and engagement...

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