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New uses, energy alternatives, types of driving: the car industry has rarely lived through as many changes. Faced with this exciting perspective, our Communication function has a crucial role to play.

The 360 teams that manage it, within the Engagement and Dialogues Department, are looking into the future. They have clear objectives: enhance the group’s image, its brands and its leaders, protect their reputation, raise awareness about their products and services, contribute to the employees’ motivation and engagement, and create storytelling that engages all stakeholders. In a word, giving meaning to the company's activity, focusing on its values and its reason for being.

At a time when information is circulating more and more quickly through multiple channels, digital formats have had to adapt to reach new audiences, while retaining the group's best ambassadors, employees, customers and enthusiasts.

Press Agents, Content Manager, Social Media Manager, etc. the roles are varied and numerous in transversal teams, or teams dedicated to a single brand. A human adventure that continues to grow every day, thanks to a new generation of promising talents.

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