Renault Group


The primary mission of the communications function is to promote the image and reputation of Groupe Renault and its products and brands, and contribute to personnel motivation and engagement. In today’s fast-changing automotive industry, Groupe Renault has developed a powerful and original communications strategy having unique strategic focuses: the Alliance with Nissan, development of a full range of electric vehicles, and a global product offering that achieves affordability for all.

Renault communications teams are always on the lookout for talent in conveying Renault’s unique stance on the world automotive scene: storytellers, community managers, media planners, etc. Opportunity beckons for those who see the automobile as an enduring catalyst of freedom worldwide, who see innovation and technology as the keys to coming challenges in electric, connected and autonomous transport, and who see the automobile as a fabulous, multicultural, worldwide, human adventure.



  • Set an editorial line and publication calendar on themes that express our employer brand.
  • Relay existing content to showcase the specificities of our careers: videos, employee testimonials, internal events (recruitment days, new hire onboarding day, etc.), presence at school forums, products, news, etc.
  • Ensure the visibility, legibility, and attractiveness of part of our job openings.


Adept at social media