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Design plays an essential role in the success of our group’s brands. Vector of innovation, it allies technical expertise, imagination, creativity, and high-quality standards.

In Design team, we work on everything we can see, touch, and hear; all the elements customers perceive both on the inside and on the outside of the vehicles. Altogether, it should generate aesthetic emotion and usage satisfaction of our clients.

In carrying out their missions and expertise, our teams use the most advanced digital technologies in terms of development and visualization (immersive, real time, game engine, etc.).

Our playground? All the models (passenger cars, commercial vehicles, concept cars) and visual identity of group’s brands. Our ambition? Each brand embodies tomorrow’s mobility with respect of their values and identity!

About Design

France, Romania, South Korea, China, India, Brazil

Design Centers in the world

~500 employees


Designer (exterior, interior, UX/UI, color & materials, lights), quality experts, traditional and digital modeling, infographics, visual identity, etc.


Testimony from Paula

As a design project manager, Paula's the interface between the design process and all the other people working on the project, harnessing skill and passion to the purpose of producing attractive, appealing vehicles. Her job covers design in both its aesthetic and engineering aspects, accommodating manufacturing constraints as well as stylistic intent.

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