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What does "being digital" means for Renault Group? Equipped with digital work tools at the forefront of the technology and collaborative processes, we provide to our customers with increasingly connected and innovative mobility solutions. We place a particular emphasis on cybersecurity in all digital activities, both internal and external.

Our experts are involved in the digitalization of the group by working with each function and each brand and by relying on multiple skills in data, artificial intelligence, connectivity of objects, etc.

In addition to the information systems function, specific entities are created to implement the technological expertise of our group. For example, Renault Digital is accelerating the digitization of the company’s core business for our employees, partners and customers around the world. As for the Renault Software Factory, it develops softwares to connect platforms to associated applications.

Some of our Digital Hubs

Testimony from Tiphaine, data scientist

What do data scientists do at Renault? How do they up to date? What’s the working environment like? What’s the policy on working from home? Who is the ideal candidate to join the team? Check out this interview with Tiphaine where she explains what it’s like to work here.

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