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The Finance Department oversees the group’s financial liquidity. It ensures compliance with accounting, tax, customs and financial communication regulations. It evaluates financial risks and puts forward appropriate countermeasures, providing its partners with due expertise. RCI Bank and Services, a wholly-owned Groupe Renault subsidiary, stands at a three-way intersection, between vehicles, bank and services. It develops innovative, connected and personalized solutions to ensure trouble-free automobile usage for customers of the Alliance brands.

Financial controller


  • Help improve measurement methods and tools for costs and receipts in forecasting and reality measurement exercises.
  • Provide Planning and Budget reporting and analysis of framing and convergence loops Management bodies (Financial Control Management, Competitiveness Management, Programmes Management, and Regions Management).
  • Make cost analysis files using data extracted from different sources (volumes, costs, revenues, vehicle characteristics, etc.).
  • Prepare tracking communication support for the Management.    


Analytical skills
General accountant


  • Be responsible for several activity centres (banking, financial, general accounting, and analytics and business expenses).
  • Manage and track the records of Renault SA bank loans and bond issues.
  • Record all financial flows with Renault Finance. (in EUR and other currencies, bank reconciliations and exchange differences).

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An engineer in the world of figures and finance
She talks about what her job involves. Tatjana manages a team of cost analysis experts spanning the world from Brazil to India. Her mission is to challenge teams throughout the company to design and purchase vehicle parts at optimum cost conditions, and thereby ensure the economic viability of our projects.
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