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Every day, we manufacture the vehicles and powertrain components of our brands at the highest level of quality for our customers. We design and implement the means of production based on innovative, competitive and reliable solutions. We manage all the logistics flows of our industrial system in real time. Digital is at the heart of our business, serving performance and a more sustainable industry.

By striving to reduce its carbon footprint, our Industry is making its full contribution to the Group’s Purpose. As of 2030, we are committed to halving emissions from our industrial sites and reducing emissions from the transportation of parts and vehicles by 30% compared to 2019. We are also committed to sustainable development and we are developing our circular economy strategy, which is based in particular on our ReFactories in Flins and Seville.

We are developing our skills to manufacture a renewed range of hybrid and electric vehicles and components. The ElectriCity industrial hub, located in the Hauts de France region, is the group’s reference in terms of electric vehicles.

We are the 65,000 women and men in the Renault Group Industry, who are mobilized on a daily basis in our field of expertise, in our factories, logistics sites and in the core functions.


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The industrial revolution of Renault Group is underway. Listen to Raluca, Ines, Neyla, Fabien, Mélanie, Younesse, Stéphane, Jole, Rémi and Gautier talk with passion about their jobs and how they contribute daily to the technological and sustainable transformation of Renault Group industry, from the Supply Chain to manufacturing, assembly or painting.


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