#1 When will be held the Shareholders’ General Meeting of Renault?

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders will take place on 25 May 2022 at 3 p.m. at the Palais des Congrès in Paris.
To learn more.

#2 What is the amount of the 2019 dividend ?
In the current context linked to the coronavirus pandemic around the world and in a spirit of responsibility towards all of the Group’s stakeholders who are making efforts or are experiencing the effects of an unprecedented crisis, Renault’s Board of Directors has decided to no longer propose the distribution of a dividend at the Annual General Meeting.
Read the Boad of Directors's release of April 9, 2020.
#3 How can I register my Renault securities in registered form ?
You can ask your financial intermediary to transfer your shares to BNP-Paribas, which manages the registered share service for Renault, at the following address:
BNP Paribas Securities Services
Relations Actionnaires
9, rue du Débarcadère
93761 Pantin cedex
Tel.: 0 800 109 119 (France only)
#4 Do you have a shareholders’ club ?
In 2015, Renault set up a shareholders’ club to enable investors to become better acquainted with the company, its issues and products, as well as with the world of Automotive . This Club is opened to anyone holding at least one share. To learn more.
#5 Do you have a Shareholder Consultative Committee?
A shareholder Consultative Committee has been in place since 1996. This Committee is tasked with ensuring the quality and transparency of shareholder information. To learn more.
#6 Where can I read the press releases?
media.groupe.renault.com. Showcasing the group’s latest news, the new site is now accessible to all. Click there.
#7 Listing exchange and stock indexes
Renault has been listed on the Paris Stock exchange (Euronext) since November 17, 1994, when the Company was partially privatized. The issue price was FRF165 (€25.15). The Renault share has been one of the shares which compose the CAC 40 index since February 9, 1995.
Listed on Euronext – compartment A, ISIN code FR0000131906, ticker code: RNO, the Renault share qualifies for the deferred settlement account system (Service de règlement différé, SRD) and for inclusion in French equity savings plans (PEA).
The share is also a component of the SBF, Euronext and Euro Stoxx Auto indexes.
Furthermore, Renault receives annual ratings from sustainability agencies for its performance in spheres such as risk management, labor relations, environmental protection, and societal practices, and it is included in a number of indexes.
#8 What were the share's highest and lowest price since it has been quoted ?
A historical low of EUR10.56 was recorded on March 3, 2009 and an all-time high of EUR122.87 was reached on July 4th, 2007.