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A unique app with a built-in trip planner

22 May 2020
5 min
Renault’s Renault CONNECT app makes drivers’ lives easier and provides the right information at the right place and time. It combines the capabilities of the new Renault EASY LINK multimedia system with the numerous tools found in the MY Renault application. MY Renault is your gateway to the world of Renault connected services, with a value proposition adapted to your specific vehicle, starting with tools that were specially designed for electric cars.
by Renault Group

MY Renault: everything you need in a single application

Verifying your vehicle’s remaining range, scheduling its recharge during off-peak hours to save money, programming pre-conditioning to ensure your vehicle reaches a comfortable temperature of 21°C before you get inside, thus saving on battery power — these are just a few of the tools included in the range of connected services designed for Renault’s electric vehicles. Thanks to Renault’s constant efforts to find innovative ways of making drivers’ lives easier, this is the widest range of services available on the market.

For an easy user experience, all these connected services are found in a single application: MY Renault. The app can be accessed from your smartphone (iPhone or Android.) It is particularly intuitive thanks to its colorful, easy-to-understand icons, making the smart trip planning process easy. The user interface and user experience are designed to make navigation as fluid as possible. It is also personalized, and new services will be added over time.

To get the most out of the app, simply enter your vehicle identification number (VIN) and synchronize your smartphone with your vehicle using an activation code (received upon delivery or displayed directly on the navigation screen, depending on the model.) The MY RENAULT application will immediately take the vehicle’s specifications into account, in particular its electric features, and propose the relevant services.

MY Renault: progressive enrichment

Available since early 2019 in most European countries, MY Renault includes all the services offered by the MY Z.E. app. It allows you to remain in contact with your electric vehicle at all times via your smartphone. Of particular interest: a real-time remaining range display, the remote control of charging and pre-conditioning, and remote access to information and tips for efficient vehicle usage.

Over the next few months, MY Renault will also benefit from the integration of the Z.E. Pass, which simplifies payment for charging at 130,000 charging stations across Europe. The service will also offer the Z.E. Smart Charge to lower the cost of your electric bill.

Lastly, MY Renault is proud to announce a major innovation: a tool to make planning trips in your electric vehicle an easy, stress-free experience — the first of its kind on the market!

MY Renault: The first trip planner mobile app designed for electric vehicles

With this smart trip planner, you can handle all the preparations for your long-distance trips within a single app! Drivers are given plenty of advance warning about when, where and how long they will need to stop to charge their vehicle’s battery.

Nothing could be simpler: just enter a few key pieces of information into the MY Renault app (destination, number of passengers, etc.) and click on “plan route” to map out an itinerary that indicates both the locations of charging stations and the overall travel time, taking charging time into account depending on the type of charging station available.

The constantly-updated navigation system automatically eliminates out-of-service charging stations, thereby eliminating the risk of unpleasant surprises.

Simple GPS navigation during the trip

When it’s time to leave, an interface that uses Google Maps displays the route on your smartphone, or, if you have the Android Auto app, directly on your vehicle’s navigation screen through screen mirroring.
If the vehicle is equipped with the Renault EASY LINK multimedia system, the integrated smart navigation system will display the itinerary automatically. It also includes a weather forecast, traffic information, and notifications about danger zones, as well as Google’s points of interest system, making searching easier than ever and offering very precise results. All this while allowing users to enjoy their favorite mobile apps, thanks to Android Auto screen mirroring and Apple CarPlay.
Thanks to this wide range of easy-to-access connected services, electric vehicles can be used for any kind of travel, from short everyday trips to longer distances.

The Renault CONNECT Store for additional services

When you buy an electric vehicle such as New ZOE, it comes with a three-year trial period for a certain number of connected services: automatic updating of the Renault EASY LINK system, bi-annual map updates, Google POI search, TomTom traffic info, remote dashboard (mileage and range), remote charging, etc.
You can renew your subscriptions to these services and subscribe to additional ones through the Renault CONNECT Store tab on the app, or on the MY Renault website. This online catalog allows you to add services such as Coyote, which notifies you of danger zones, as well as to consult the status of your current subscriptions.


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