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All-new Espace: Three major technological assets with Renault's latest people carrier

16 May 2023
3 min
renault espace
The All-new Renault Espace builds on the identity of its predecessors. A new benchmark vehicle for Renault's top-of-the-range 5 or 7-seater SUV’s, showcasing innovation offered to Renault customers. In successfully overcoming three technological hurdles – increasing brightness inside the passenger compartment, optimizing engine efficiency, and bringing an additional high-tech feel – this latest model is a clear demonstration that it is still a saloon built for long journeys. Video insights with three experts: Matthieu Galipeau, Bruno Gaye, and Raluca Balan.
by Claire Richard

Creating the sixth-generation Renault Espace was a path strewn with many challenges.
Yet the model has always adapted with the times. The All-new Espace bears the elegant athleticism of an SUV, with the Esprit Alpine trim adding an extra sporty feel. It still features the hallmarks of its long-distance 5 and 7-seater predecessors. Renault engineers took the challenges that lay ahead and turned them into technological major assets for the new design: extra light inside, improved energy efficiency for long-distance journeys, and connectivity with a more human touch.

We met with three experts to find out how those challenges were overcome and how that benefits those on board the All-new Espace.

The challenge of the panoramic roof

What better than a panoramic glass roof to bring extra light inside the passenger compartment! Like its predecessors, the All-new Espace is like a living room on wheels where everyone on board enjoys the same amount of natural light. Now in its sixth generation, light enters via an obstruction-free area in the roof measuring over one square metre. It was a true structural challenge, highlights Matthieu Galipeau, Renault SUV Director. A feat of technical prowess that was achieved thanks to a partnership with the glass specialist Saint-Gobain. In addition to the panoramic view, the glass roof panel also boasts a weight advantage: equipped with heat-resistant technology, there is no need for sun blind. All for greater passenger comfort.

The panoramic glass roof is equipped with anti-heat technology

The challenge of efficiency and autonomy

Long-distance cars need an extra-large range, otherwise it would mean refuelling multiple times before arriving at your holiday destination. With the All-new Espace 215 kg lighter than the previous generation and equipped with the brand-new 200 HP E-TECH full-hybrid engine, it uses less fuel and emits less CO2 emissions. “The vehicle emits only 104 grams of CO2 per kilometre and boasts a fuel economy of just 4.6 L/100 km,” says Bruno Gaye, Chief SUV Engineer at Renault. That makes for a maximum range of 1,100 km! Enough for a one-way trip from Paris to Nice!

The challenge of humanized connectivity

Welcome aboard the most connected Espace in history! Featuring the OpenR Link multimedia system with built-in Google, the user experience is simple and intuitive. In short, it’s as easy to use as a smartphone!”, assures Raluca Balan, Connectivity and Multimedia Manager at Renault. The All-new Espace comes with exclusive content available via the Play Store catalogue to keep passengers entertained on long journeys: Amazon Music, Vivaldi browser, Radio Player for Renault, Kabriol audio tour guide, EasyPark, podcasts with Sybel, and more. The crowning jewel: ‘Song Pop for Renault’, a brand-new app developed exclusively for Renault by Gameloft that livens up long journeys with a music quiz for everyone to enjoy. Enough to keep the children busy enough to forget to ask: “Are we there yet?”

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