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All-new Renault Austral: less CO2, more pleasure

08 March 2022
3 min
Ambitious model and lynchpin of Renault’s efforts to win back the C-segment, the All-new Renault Austral has to adapt to all private and professional uses. To this effect, it runs on a range of innovative electrified powertrains, with a brand-new E-TECH Hybrid engine that can run up to 200 HP, and two Mild Hybrid petrol motors that can run up to 160 HP. The underlying being to pair driving pleasure with high fuel efficiency and low CO2 emissions.
by Maeva Pichot

Three motors with six versions running up to 200 HP in both manual and automatic transmission. At first glance, the range of engines on the All-new Renault Austral appears quite normal. However, it is in fact highly innovative. The range is void of a Diesel motor option and any motor that is not already a full-hybrid utilise lithium-ion batteries – electrification – to enhance the driving pleasure and fuel efficiency while reducing CO2 emissions. Such innovation means the All-new Renault Austral can be adapted to cover all sorts of uses and trips, be it for private owners or corporate fleet operators. It is now time to look at them in detail. 


The brand-new 160 HP and 200 HP E-TECH Hybrid motor: power and efficiency 

The All-new Austral heralds in the arrival of the new E-TECH self-charging full-hybrid motor. Perfected to run a top-tier vehicle and guarantee greater performance and driving pleasure, it boasts a combined power output of up to 146 kW (200 HP) with significantly improved fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions.

E-TECH Hybrid technology, designed and patented by Renault Engineering, is true to the original ingenious design. Paired with a combustion motor, two electric motors (an e-motor and an HSG high-voltage starter generator to start the combustion motor, help change speeds, and recharge the battery), a central battery, and a smart multi-mode clutch-less dog box.

The E-TECH Hybrid engine on the All-new austral features a brand-new 1.2L three-cylinder 96 kW 205 Nm turbocharged petrol motor. Coupled with a more powerful electric motor with increased torque (50 kW and 205 Nm), and a large capacity lithium-ion battery (1.7 kWh/400 V), and a 7-speed gear box (two in electric mode and five in hybrid mode). The lithium-ion battery has great torque capacity (previously 350 NM, now 410 Nm), more power, greater output, and improved responsiveness.

As such, starting acceleration is clean and dynamic, breaks in acceleration when changing speeds have been reduced, it is now smoother to shift between speeds without losing torque, and the combustion motor runs throughout the entire optimal output range.


The latest generation of E-TECH Hybrid motor on a 400V network from the All-new Austral

Available in two power options – 160 HP and 200 HP – the E-TECH Hybrid motor on the All-new Austral boasts the best level of driving efficiency for the market, with the added bonus of it going from 80 - 120 km/h in only 5.9 seconds (6.8 seconds on the 160 HP model). 

Regenerative breaking, which activates automatically during deceleration and braking, coupled with the high-capacity self-charging lithium-ion batteries and E-TECH power output, combine for a much great fuel economy. All in all, 80% of driving time on urban roads is in full-electric mode, which translates into urban cycle driving requiring 40% less fuel than a combustion motor, all without having to change one’s driving habits.

As with the previous generation of E-TECH Hybrid motors, starting acceleration is always in full-electric mode, with instant torque, for the sort of driving pleasure one would expect to see on a full electric vehicle, a driving experience that is just as quiet and just as responsive

Thanks to the smart gear box, it automatically switches between the combustion and electric motors for the most responsive, dynamic, fuel-efficient drive possible.

Fitted with the latest E-TECH Hybrid motor, the All-new Austral boasts optimal fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions (starting at 4.6L/100 km and 105 g/km*), making it one of the most affordable cars to drive on the hybrid SUV market. 

New Mild Hybrid Advanced 130 HP motor: the best alternative to Diesel 

For many customers, finding an alternative to Diesel is essential. The Mild Hybrid Advanced engine, seen for the first time on a Renault car with the All-new Austral, is one such alternative. It combines the new E-TECH Hybrid’s 1.2 L turbocharged 3-cylinder petrol engine with a 48V lithium-ion battery and an alternator-starter. The latter of the two helps the combustion engine during its most energy-consuming phases – starting or accelerating – in order to deliver more power during recovery phases and keep fuel use in check. 

The 130 HP manual engine on the All-new Austral grants flawless driving pleasure, torque at low revs thanks to the hybrid motor, and at its optimal RMP range thanks to its adaptive turbocharger. In addition, a balance shaft keeps the acoustics to a range that is comparable to that of a 4-cylinder engine. 

The 48V Mild Hybrid Advanced from the All-new Austral

With the Mild Hybrid Advanced engine, there are four main components to the success of the All-new Austral as best-in-class in terms of fuel economy and CO2 emissions (starting at 5.3 L/100km and 123 g /km*). First, the stroke-ratio unit displacement has been improved. The use of a Formula 1 combustion cycle (Miller) and a low-pressure cooled EGR valve helps to improve combustion efficiency. Lastly, friction has been optimised through the use of an electrical water pump and a low-viscosity oil. The combined impact of these changes places the fuel efficiency on par with the latest Diesel engines, and up to 20% less fuel use than a similar non-hybrid engine.

140 and 160 HP Mild Hybrid: the tried-and-tested engine 

The Mild Hybrid engine is the first-level hybrid motor offered on the All-new Austral and utilises a 1.3 litre 4-cylinder turbocharged direct injection petrol engine that is already available on selection of Renault vehicles. Developed in collaboration with Daimler, the engine is backed up by a starter motor and a 12V lithium-ion battery. 

Available in either 140 HP or 160 HP with the X-TRONIC automatic transmission, or as 140 HP on a manual model.

The 12V Mild Hybrid technology used on the All-new Austral sees an improved Stop & Start function and features the ‘Sailing Stop’ function on X-TRONIC models. In particular, this helps regenerate energy when braking and turns the engine off – on an automatic gearbox – when decelerating. These features all help reduce fuel use and emissions, while still ensuring a smooth start every time and a more comfortable drive during day-to-day use.

The 160 HP 12V Mild Hybrid engine on the All-new Austral boasts maximum torque of 270 Nm available from 1,600 to 3,250 rpm and mixed cycle and mixed cycle fuel economy as low as 6.2 L/100 km, with CO2 emissions starting at 136g/km*.

* CO2 emissions. Pending certification.

The 12V Mild Hybrid engine from the All-new Austral

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