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Alpine A110, series of titles

05 February 2019
Since the announcement of the return of the A fléché on the roads, publishers, magazines and journalists have been restless. Will the new Alpine A110 be the worthy heir to her eldest daughter? Answer... A big YES! The 21st century berlinette is praised by journalists all over the world and is the subject of a series of prizes.
by Renault Group

Re-launching the Alpine brand... A real challenge.

The pressure was enormous. Once again, success was achieved. The small sports car designed by a team of passionate engineers for enthusiasts is not lacking. The press is enthusiastic. The Alpine A110 accumulates rewards. In total, since the brand's return to the market in 2016, 18 awards have been given to the new A110! Last but not least, the choice of readers of the German magazine "Auto, Motor und Sport".

"The many awards and honours received since the launch of the new A110 reward the work of all those who have worked to bring Alpine back, ensuring that they remain true to the brand's DNA. But this success is also the success of Groupe Renault, which has been able to mobilize the Group's talents and resources to make Alpine's return a real success," says Sébastien Erphelin, Chief Executive Officer of Alpine delivers you the list of all the prices received by the Alpine A110 since its launch:

  • L’Argus / Sportive de l’Année / 12.2017L’Argus, FAI, AutoCar, MotorSport Magazine, L’Automobile Magazine, Octane Magazine, TopGear , TopGear / Performance, Echappement Magazine, COTY, Playboy, Schweizter Illustrierte, Evo Magazine, Autovisie, Car Graphic, WHATCAR?
  • FAI / Plus Belle Voiture de l’Année/ 01.2018
  • AutoCar / Five-Star car / 05.2018
  • MotorSport Magazine / Voiture de l’Année / 06.2018
  • L’Automobile Magazine / Nouveauté de l’Année / 06.2018
  • Octane Magazine / Performance Car Of The Year / 10.2018
  • TopGear / Performance Car Of The Year / 10.2018
  • TopGear / Sports Car Of The Year / 11.2018
  • Echappement Magazine / Sportive de l’Année / 11.2018
  • COTY / Finalist Car Of The Year / 11.2018
  • Playboy / Grand retour de l’Année / 11. 2018
  • Schweizter Illustrierte / Voiture la plus élégante de Suisse 2019 / 12.2018
  • Evo Magazine / Coupe of the Year / 12.2018
  • Autovisie / Supertest 2018/ 12.2018
  • Car Graphic / Car Graphic Award / 12.2018
  • WHATCAR? / Sportscar of the year / 01.2019

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