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New ZOE combines affordable electric mobility with high-tech

17 June 2019
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Renault Zoe
Renault has just unveiled New ZOE, the next generation of the flagship from its 100% electric range. At the forefront of high-performing electric driving made accessible to all and user-friendly, it further improves on all the elements that already make ZOE the most sold electric car in Europe since its launch.
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Unveiled on June 17, 2019, New ZOE represents a major new step in the large-scale electric vehicle roll-out plan embarked on by Renault. Just a glance is enough to appreciate the scale of changes made by the manufacturer. The characteristic ZOE silhouette is revisited, but the numerous evolutions in its design give it a more assertive character, showcasing the car’s vivacity and technical excellence, perfectly in line with the brand identity developed by Renault across its most recent vehicles.

As a pioneer and European industry leader, Renault has acquired in-depth knowledge of technology and clients’ needs in terms of electric mobility. The innovations implemented to further improve its autonomy, charging ease and power, as well as the introduction of multiple equipment and Renault CONNECT connected services, testify to this on New ZOE” explains Elisabeth Delval, Deputy Director, Renault ZOE Programme.

As a pioneer and European industry leader, Renault has acquired in-depth knowledge of technology and clients' needs in terms of electric mobility.
Elisabeth Delval, Deputy Director, Renault ZOE Programme

An assertive design

The interior changes are of the same high level. New ZOE enjoys a new dashboard, completely redesigned around an ergonomic full 10-inch display. For the first time in the sector, this high-definition screen is available from entry-level specifications. It accompanies all the standard equipment designed for driving comfort and enjoyment, such as the automatic parking brake, the new electronic e-shifter gear lever and the B mode, which provides increased deceleration for reduced use of the brake pedal, useful notably for urban driving.

At the center of the cabin, navigation and entertainment are now hosted on a large 9.3-inch touch-screen multimedia display, equipped with the new Renault EASY LINK system. Here, the user finds the TomTom navigation tools with live traffic information, Google search options for addresses, and digital radio. Passengers can also display content and applications from their smartphones thanks to its Apple CarPlay and Android Auto dual-compatibility.

Increased autonomy and direct current charging

While its spaciousness, especially at the back, remains just as generous for the sector, New ZOE now carries a new battery with increased capacity. With 52 kWh, it takes the car’s range up to 390 kilometers according to the WLTP*, in other words an autonomy increase of 20% compared to the previous generation.

As for recharging, New ZOE adds another string to its bow with its direct current (DC) charging capability of up to 50 kW. This fast charge, used in particular on transport corridors, adds to the numerous charging options previously offered by ZOE, and which have already made it the fastest-charging affordable electric car on alternating current (AC), from the terminal installed at home (Wallbox) to public infrastructures on alternating current.

Even more driving pleasure

These new performances contribute more than ever to the unique pleasure of driving an electric vehicle. The Z.E. 50 battery notably offers the New Renault ZOE two motors: the current motor of 80 kW (R110) and a new motor of 100 kW (R135), which correspond respectively to 100 and 135 HP in a combustion engine. Thanks to its torque of 245 Nm, the R135 enables the New ZOE to go from 80 to 120 km/h in just 7.1 seconds, 2.2 seconds better than with the R110 motor. More than enough to overtake or enter the highway with confidence. On the technical side, Renault has completely redesigned ZOE’s electrical infrastructure, offering a wide range of driving aids for both the driver’s safety and comfort.

A galaxy of useful connected services

The driver can benefit from the galaxy of Renault CONNECT connected services designed to make life easier, including all the settings specific to electric driving. Via the EASY LINK multimedia screen, for example, they can check the availability of charging terminals in real time during a journey. In just a few clicks the MY Renault smartphone application proposes an intelligent route that integrates any breaks required for recharging. In addition, it offers the remote programming of home charging points for optimized charging, taking into account any eventual time-related fluctuations in electricity tariffs.

New ZOE will be available before the end of 2019 throughout all the European countries in which it is commercialized.

*WLTP autonomy (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure, standardized cycle: 57% of urban journeys, 25% of suburban journeys, 18% of highway journeys), for the ZOE Life version. In the process of being approved.

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