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Renault Group dons a new identity

23 April 2021
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Groupe Renault is changing. A brand-new identity and logo will serve to carry forth the Group’s Purpose that was recently unveiled at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on April 23. Renault Group also evokes the company’s international, while opening up to a more modern realm of expression.
by Renault Group

In a world where mobility has never before been so essential to issues that face society, a company’s strength and momentum depend on its values, governance, and strategy being in line with a proudly stated Purpose more than ever.  
The Group’s Purpose was recently unveiled during the General Meeting of Shareholders and with it, a whole new realm of expression.  

Just three months after the Renaulution strategy was announced, the company's transformation continues along its path into a whole new dimension as it enters a new chapter as ‘Renault Group’. 

More than just new name, the Group is given a resolutely modern edge and is better placed to claim its position on the international stage. Renault Group is located in more than 130 countries and has more than 170,000 employees. 

With the Renault name now taking pride of place, the Group wears its French heritage with pride, staying true to its DNA and its past. 

The Group’s ambitious new identity is enshrined in a more stately logo with its elegant and sober typeface. Like a beating heart, the icon and logo appear to resonate; a symbol of mobility that changes and evolves, and of the passion that drives the men and women who work for the company. 

Movement that propagates and vibrates throughout the visual identity, powerfully emerging and resonating in digital era saturated information.  

The new identity will be gradually phased in during 2021 across all the Group’s digital media and, subsequently, on physical media worldwide. 

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