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Renault Group installs LGBT+ Diversity Officers in its French factories

17 May 2021
2 min
To create the conditions for an inclusive culture, so that each employee can bring his or her passion, give the best of himself or herself and flourish, while being themselves. This is why Renault Group recently deployed a network of LGBT+ Diversity Officers in its plants in France. Brice Camus, a quality supplier technician at the Choisy le Roi plant and a We'R OutStandInG leader, is the initiator of this program and explains its origins and functioning.
by Emmanuel GENTY

On 17 May 2021, International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, Renault Group is dressing its logo and those of its brands with rainbow colors. A symbol of its commitment of inclusion and fight against all forms of discrimination. As a signatory of the UN Free&Equal Charter and the Charter of the French association L'Autre Cercle since 2020. Renault Group advocates diversity, integrity, equality and a culture of respect where everyone can feel included, respected and valued. In line with its Purpose, the company has just set up a network of LGBT+ Diversity Officers in its factories in France. 

This network, which will eventually be extended throughout the company, was devised by Brice Camus, a quality supplier technician at the Choisy le Roi plant and a We'R OutStandInG leader. He explains the origin and functioning of this system, which is unique in the automotive industry. 


How did the idea of creating a network of LGBT+ diversity officer come about? 

In 2019, I was contacted by the leaders of We'R OutStandInG, to join them. During that time, I thought about what more I could bring. By learning from my past experiences, where I have sometimes been publicly humiliated for my sexual orientation, I sought to create an opportunity to support people facing this type of situation in factories. To offer them a point of support. Hence the idea of creating a network of identified officers to allow employees to know where to turn, to be listened to and directed to competent people who can help them solve their problems.” 

How did this project come to be? 

We proposed the project by explaining that the LGBT+ diversity officers would not be the same as the ethical officers, nor the officers in charge of fighting sexism.It is important not to make generalities about these scourges, to be able to better deal with the various forms of discriminations.Having a privileged interlocutor is essential!The project was subsequently presented and supported within the France HRD and the France manufacturing department.” 

How does one become a LGBT+ diversity officer? 

“Any motivated employee can apply! The We'R OutStandInG network organizes interviews ranging from 45 minutes to 1 hour, allowing us to discover the motivations and knowledge of our interlocutor regarding LGBT+ diversity. Then with the HR of each site, we select the most relevant profiles.” 

Will this system be extended to other professions/regions? 

That's right. Initially, we set up the system in factories where we were aware of cases of people suffering. Today, we are proud to have 15 officers in 11 sites*. During the presentation of the system within the We'Re OutStandInG network, we noticed that there is a real demand for it at tertiary sites. Our roadmap is to develop the network of officers at all tertiary sites, but also in the commercial network. " 


*ACI Villeurbanne ; ACI Le Mans ; STA Usine de Ruitz ; Usine Alpine de Dieppe ; Usine de Batilly ; Usine de Cléon ; Usine de Douai ; Usine de Flins ; Usine de Maubeuge ; Usine de Sandouville ; Usine de Choisy le Roi 

The We'R OutStandInG network, a key player in Renault Group's LGBT+ inclusion 

Created in 2012 based on employee volunteerism, the We'R OutStandInG network supports the inclusion of LGBT+ people in the company and the creation of a caring work environment. It brings together LGBT+ employees and non-LGBT+ employees allied to this cause.  t is a key player in supporting LGBT+ diversity in the Group. The actions of this network contribute to creating a professional environment in which everyone can integrate, find their place, blossom and be fully themselves. 

More than 225 members make up the We'R OutStandInG network. It is constantly evolving to allow employees to make themselves useful. 

In 2021, joining Brice Camus and Valérie Hallouin, three new leaders have joined the network: Aurélie Baudu Guillaume Renard and Valentin Chabert. 

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