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Renault SYMBIOZ Demo car: technologies for traveling well-being

15 December 2017
2017 - Renault SYMBIOZ Demo car - Design Exterior
The Renault SYMBIOZ Demo Car prototype, currently being tested on French roads, is an autonomous, electric and connected vehicle embodying Renault's vision of personal mobility for 2023. The vehicle is packed with technology but would not be useful if it failed to harness those features to improve the in-car experience and traveling well-being.
by Emmanuel GENTY

"Autonomous, electric and connected, SYMBIO Demo Car harnesses the technological excellence developed by our engineers and partners to bring our product designers and experts a whole new exploration field. These last were able to reinvent the in-car experience and imagine an entirely new way of traveling while being driven by the car. This while retaining the choice of driving pleasure. That's how we imagine the future of personal mobility at Renault "
Mathieu Lips – Director, SYMBIOZ demo car project

To explore the vast territory of the future of personal mobility, Renault two years ago launched the development of an exploratory "object" embodying its vision of the automobile for 2023: SYMBIOZ Demo Car, which is currently being test driven by the press. Autonomous, electric and connected, the futuristic prototype draws on the three pillars of innovation by Renault to usher in an all-new on-board experience.

Freeing up time through autonomous technology

Renault SYMBIOZ Demo Car features level-4 driving automation, also known as "mind-off", as defined by the SAE International standardization body. The vehicle uses over 30 exterior sensors (radars, lidars, cameras, ultrasound) distributed on the surface of the vehicle as well as its redundant embedded electronics. The development of the whole was carried out on test vehicles but also on simulation bench reproducing in virtual the different driving situations encountered.

"Mind-off" technology frees up drivers from driving and surveillance tasks when they switch into autonomous mode. The car itself has the ability to ensure safety in the event of an exceptional incident in its environment. This delegated driving gives drivers the time for other activities, be they personal or professional, their minds completely detached from the task of driving.

SYMBIOZ Demo Car illustrates how far this detachment can go through an all-new virtual reality experience created with our partner Ubisoft. The immersive and contemplative experience which uses in real time the dynamic data of the vehicle as well as the objects detected by the sensors, enables drivers to fully let go through their headset and journey into natural and surreal landscapes.

Boosting driving pleasure through electric technology

Renault SYMBIOZ Demo Car is powered by a 100% electric drive train. A pioneer in mass-market electric vehicles and the EV market leader in Europe, Renault sees electric cars as a key component in the future of mobility.

The electric motor, developing up to 500 kW (equivalent to 680 hp), is fitted on the rear axle of the vehicle. It brings SYMBIOZ Demo Car a range of advantages in terms of driving pleasure, including immediate and continuous acceleration, better power-to-ground transmission, and enhanced power ramp-up. At-the-wheel pleasure is also maximized by the 4CONTROL chassis with four drive wheels.

But driving pleasure is also about driving while remaining respectful of the environment. And this is the case with the electric motor on SYMBIOZ Demo Car, which produces zero emissions in use.

Personalizing the driving experience through connected technology

Renault SYMBIOZ Demo Car is also a connected vehicle. And in the broad sense of the term. Not content to bring motorists a simple in-car connectivity service, it links up all the components of the occupants' ecosystem. Seamlessly. You enter SYMBIOZ Demo Car as you would enter your office or living room, a place where you can enjoy and manage all your data, media, favorites and screens.

Connectivity as thorough as this brings drivers and passengers an enhanced and personalized experience when traveling in their car. The vehicle recognizes occupants via their smartphones and they can interact with the vehicle, including seat adjustment, air conditioning, music choices, navigation in multimedia screens, etc. Motorists can also interact remotely with exterior items such as their house, checking what is happening there using a 360° camera view on the L-Shape screen on the dashboard or adjusting heating settings after leaving home or before arriving for example.

But the most impressive connectivity experience on board SYMBIOZ Demo Car is undoubtedly going through a highway toll in autonomous mode. This experiment in vehicle-infrastructure communication (V2X) uses the protocols set out in the European project SCOOP, notably 5G WiFi (long range). The driver can sit back and relax, with the car taking care of each step. Yet another example of a technology at the service of traveling well-being, for an uninterrupted journey in autonomous driving.


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