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Renault ZOE: Quite simply revolutionary and yet a reality

06 March 2012
It is THE event of this Geneva Motor Show! ZOE is Renault’s solution to Zero Emission mobility for all. It is also the first pure-electric car to be designed from the ground up as such. Discover its genesis and some answers to some frequently asked questions.
by Renault Group

What is the pricetag of ZOE?

Today, for the first time, it is possible to buy an electric vehicle at a price close to that of a diesel-engined city car in markets where tax incentives are available. For example: In France, tax-paid prices for ZOE start from €15,700 (with tax incentive of €5,000 deducted). In the United Kingdom, where a subsidy of £4,333 is available, tax-paid prices for ZOE start from £13,650. Even in countries where tax incentives are not currently available, prices for ZOE are still particularly attractive. In Switzerland, for example, ZOE’s catalogue price is CHF 22,800, which is equivalent to approximately €18,900 at current exchange rates).

The cost of leasing the battery starts from €79/month (price for a 36-month contract and a distance travelled of 12,500km/year), inclusive of comprehensive breakdown assistance (which covers flat batteries).

What is the autonomy of ZOE?

In the NEDC cycle, ZOE is homologated with a range of 210km. In real conditions, for example, in suburban use, the owner will generally achieve around 100km in cold weather and 150km in temperate conditions. In terms of autonomy, Renault has developed the ‘Range OptimiZEr’, that combines three major innovations (new generation regenerative braking, a heat pump and Michelin EnergyTM E-V tyres). Due to this, the range of ZOE is the highest of the electric vehicles in mass production.

How will I charge my ZOE?

ZOE is the only electric vehicle to feature the Chameleon charger. Patented by Renault, this charger is compatible with all power levels up to 43kW. Charging batteries at a charging station can take between 30 minutes and nine hours. For example, ZOE can be charged in an hour at 22kW. This intermediate power level extends battery life and puts less pressure on the power grid than the fast-charging of batteries at 43kW. Fast-charging stations are currently equipped with high-power chargers. Now that the Chameleon charger is fitted to the vehicle, there is no longer any need for chargers at charging stations. New fast-charging stations will be opened which are easier and more cost-effective. They will cost less than €3,000, a quarter of the cost of existing fast-charging stations.

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