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Revelation of the SM6 by Renault Samsung Motors

22 January 2016
After its sales launch in Europe under the name of Talisman, the SM6 was unveiled in South Korea on Wednesday 13 January. The car's charismatic design, dynamism and new technologies such as the Multi-Sense system have redefined standards on the local medium-sized saloons market. This sixth Renault Samsung Motors line-up aims to give the market a fresh boost.
by Renault Group

Known in Europe since July as Talisman, Groupe Renault's latest big saloon was revealed in South Korea under the name of SM6 on 13 January.

We are pleased to introduce the SM6, our new flagship model in the medium-sized saloons segment. Thanks to its technical innovations and appealing appearance, it has established a new benchmark on the market for saloons of this size", says Donghoon Park, Executive Vice President of Renault Samsung Motors. "The SM6 is the result of work shared between the engineers of Renault and of Renault Samsung Motors. This saloon will cause a sensation in its category in 2016",

                                                                                 François Provost, Renault Samsung Motors CEO, goes on.

The SM6, co-developed by the French and South Korean engineering teams, is based on the CMF-D (Common Module Family) architecture devised by the Alliance. This platform helps to create synergies in model development and provides the opportunity to focus resources on design, manufacturing quality and innovative technologies, and to reinvest the savings made.


To adapt SM6 to the specific needs of the South Korean market, adjustments have been made on the powertrain and the chassis of the car. Korean drivers are fond of saloons that filter out all the irregularities of the road. So the South Korean vehicle's rear suspension was given an additional level of filtration compared to its European counterpart, whose features focus more on the experience of driving with the 4-Control system (which is not used in the South Korean version). Multi-Sense system driving modes have also been adapted to the Korean driving customs, as well as the engines and transmissions, which are fully automatic”,

                                                                           Stephane Renard, product manager for Talisman / SM6, points out.  


With regard to design, colors and materials were subject to special adaptations inside. SM6 offers leather finishes with quilted topstitching on the dashboard and on the seats. SM6 also offers a driving experience optimised for the South Korean market.


Manufacturing of SM6 has already been launched at the Busan plant. The sales launch is scheduled for March.

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