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CSR | 27 March 2019

The 2019 “Course du Coeur race”: Top Start!

Des salariés Renault au cœur de l’ engagement solidaire - La Course du Coeur 2019
The Course du Coeur race is a real extraordinary human chain. It brings together sports enthusiasts in relays for 4 days and 4 nights. The runners, true pugnacious and courageous competitors, are driven by a motivation that goes beyond anything else. The desire to raise awareness among the general public about organ donation. With the support of the Groupe Renault.
by Valérie Calloch

Groupe Renault's employees at the heart of solidarity commitment

25 teams of employees from large companies and a collective of transplanted people from the Trans-Forme association are participating in the event. This event, which brings together athletes in relay for 4 days and 4 nights, raises awareness of organ donation among the general public.

This year, 14 Renault employees cover the 800 km from Paris to the Les Arcs ski resort in Bourg Saint Maurice (France).

The Groupe Renault people involved form a group equally composed of women and men of good sporting level. Those who have participated in previous races coach the new ones.

An entire corporate ecosystem has been mobilized for 17 years for the Course du Coeur race: supply of equipment, design of jerseys or even loan of vehicles to the Trans-Forme association.

The objective of this race? To promote this cause in people's minds by addressing the public throughout the journey, relying on the media that relay the event.

In one night, in one operation it's magical, we find life again... Saying that you want to be a donor and saying it when you're alive is so much easier.

Sylvie Dubois, employee of the Renault Technocentre in Guyancourt, who has been transplanted twice, alongside Oliver Faust, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and sponsor of this year's event.

It is a competitive and generous race that focuses on the values of life.

Olivier Coustère, Race director.

The Course du Coeur race in a few figures

800 km of relay running
4 days and 4 nights non-stop
1 team of 20 transplanted runners
25 teams from large companies or institutions, i.e. 370 riders
151 volunteers, a caravan of 570 people
60 to 80 km covered by each runner
200 municipalities crossed

Organ donation in France

About 57,000 people live on a transplanted organ.
More than 23,000 patients are waiting to receive an organ.
The number of annual transplants is limited to about 6,000 due to a lack of donations.

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Des salariés Renault au cœur de l’ engagement solidaire - La Course du Coeur 2019

The 2019 “Course du Coeur race”: Top Start!

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