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The Renault ZOE motor: energy efficiency and power!

08 March 2021
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Renault ZOE offers multiple technological innovations to its users: from the battery to its connected services and driving comfort. The car’s motorization also benefits from this spirit of ingenuity: the Renault ZOE R110 and R135 motors optimize the vehicle’s performance and road handling.
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Specifications of the Renault ZOE motor

Two motors are available on the latest Renault ZOE: the R110 and the R135. While they differ in terms of power, they function in the same manner — both use Externally Excited Synchronous Motors (EESM).

Released in 2018, the R110 motor provides impressive performances in terms of torque (estimated at 225 Nm at 3300 rpm) and acceleration, going from 0-50 km/h in 3.9 seconds, 0-100 km/h in 11.4 seconds and increasing from 80-120 km/h in 8.4 seconds: for road handling that combines efficiency and adaptability.

Unveiled at the same time as the latest Renault ZOE in 2019, the R135 motor offers even more performance compared to other models. It has a torque of 245 Nm at 3750 rpm, taking the car from 0-50 km/h in 3.5 seconds, 0-100 km/h in 9.5 seconds, and an acceleration from 80-120 km/h takes just 6.5 seconds.

How does the Renault ZOE motor work?

Renault ZOE’s R110 and R135 motors work in the same way as all EESM: the lithium-ion battery in the electric car supplies current to a part called the “stator”, through which a rotating magnetic field is generated. This magnetic field drives a magnet located on an axle called the “rotor” which then turns on itself, causing the drive wheels to rotate.

In addition to this electromechanical part, the Power Electronic Controller drives all the processes occurring within the motor and the battery, as well as the gear reducer which transfers the motor power to the wheels.

The electric motor of a Renault ZOE is reversible: during deceleration phases, it recovers the kinetic energy transmitted by the wheels and transforms it into electricity in order to recharge its battery.

What is the power of ZOE’s motor?

The power of a Renault ZOE motor depends on the version chosen at purchase. There exist two motor options for Renault ZOE: the R110 with a power of 80 kW (108 hp) and the R135 with its 100 kW (135 hp).

How to measure the power of your electric vehicle

The power of an electric motor is the amount of energy it can provide over a period of time. It is a unit of measurement that can be used to calculate the speed, acceleration, traction ability (flat and uphill) of a vehicle. It is expressed in kilowatts or horsepower, and is measured by multiplying the motor’s speed in revolutions per minute by its torque (or driving force) in Nm (or Newton-metres). It is during a test bench, under experimental conditions, that the power is measured at the most relevant speed.

What is the efficiency of Renault ZOE’s motor?

The efficiency of ZOE’s motor is measured through the ratio of energy used compared to the energy consumed. Electric EESM efficiency is estimated at 90%. While the use of interior heating or air conditioning uses up battery power, it does not affect the performance of an electric car’s motor. And some driving behaviors can even improve it. The decelerations and braking applied as part of a smooth eco-driving style — in which anticipation is key — generate electricity. This “regenerative braking” then increases the efficiency of the electric or hybrid vehicle: and the Renault ZOE motor steps up yet another gear!

Which motor should you choose for your ZOE?

Choosing a Renault ZOE means owning a vehicle designed entirely with the energy efficiency of electric mobility in mind. Powertrain efficiency, yes, but also from other assets, such as the aerodynamics, the use of a heat pump instead of heating elements, and so on. The different motor versions of ZOE are equally efficient. When it comes to choosing your motor, therefore, your number one criterion is that of driving pleasure.

The R110 and R135 offer perfectly balanced dynamic yet adaptable road handling, in particular when starting up. The R135 version provides spectacular performance in terms of acceleration and torque, with a great power reserve underfoot, making it ideal for extra-urban journeys. Smooth and adaptable to drive, the R110 version suits all those looking to discover the serenity of driving electric, especially in the city.

Renault ZOE’s motor is just one of the components that place it among the most optimized electric vehicles on the market, including in terms of value for money.


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