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Twingo Electric: the city is its playground

24 February 2020
2 min
Maneuverability, speed, charging, connected services and now, zero emissions in use*: the 100% electric model of the Twingo deserves its title as the queen of city driving.
by Renault Group

Now equipped with a lithium-ion battery, New Twingo Electric still has the same compact format and other benefits as its combustion-powered sibling, starting with its excellent maneuverability – very practical when driving in the urban jungle. The electric power gives it even more agility, making it particularly pleasant to drive. In addition, its range, charging capacity and connected services make New Twingo Electric the perfect fit for urban travel. The cherry on top? Thanks to its electric power, the New Twingo Electric can even be driven freely around city centers that have implemented traffic restrictions to preserve air quality.

Enough range for a week’s worth of city driving

Despite its small size, New Twingo Electric contains a 22 kWh battery, giving it a capacity equivalent to that of the first generation ZOE. Designed in partnership with LG Chem, it offers excellent energy density thanks to its optimized internal structure and latest-generation lithium-ion chemistry. New to Renault’s 100% electric line, it uses liquid cooling, which is conducive to rapid charging. Its structure has been integrated with safety features and “fireman access” designed by Renault to make it easier for the emergency services to intervene in the case of a fire.

Thanks to its battery, New Twingo Electric offers a range of around 250 kilometers based on the WLTP City cycle and 180 kilometers on the WLTP Full cycle**. Applied to the daily average of thirty kilometers driven by European owners of small city cars, this is enough for one week’s worth of driving without charging.

New Twingo Electric capitalizes on the reality of charging infrastructures to meet urban drivers’ needs as efficiently as possible.
Éric Blanchard, Project Director for Electric Vehicle Batteries and Motors

Record flexibility and charging speed

New Twingo Electric also offers great charging flexibility thanks to its Caméléon® smart charger. Developed and patented by Renault, it optimizes charging by adapting to the power available at public charging stations offering alternating current (AC) up to 22 kW. It is thus able to charge more quickly than most of its competitors at the type of charging station most frequently seen in cities and on roadsides.

In Europe, a large majority of public charging stations offer power of between 18 and 22 kW. At stations like these, New Twingo Electric charges up to four times more quickly than models with more limited power. In just 30 minutes’ charging at a 22 kW station, it can recharge up to 80 kilometers’ worth of range for mixed usage driving.

Connected services designed for the city

Drivers can use connected services from Renault CONNECT to find available charging stations or even to remind themselves where they parked their car in the maze of city streets. These services available in the whole Twingo line include real-time navigation, Google Search for intuitive internet searches, and an automatic update manager for the entire system.

Onboard, they are integrated into the Renault EASY LINK system, available in models from the Zen finish and up, and displayed on a high-definition touch screen integrated into the center console. Outside the vehicle, drivers can also make use of the services throughout the day on their smartphones via the MY Renault app. The application even provides turn-by-turn directions for completing your walk after leaving your car and can also help you find where you parked thanks to the Find My Car feature.

In addition, New Twingo Electric also offers a range of services designed specifically by Renault for their electric vehicles. Identical to those offered in New ZOE, these allow drivers, for example, to visualize the range of the vehicle on a map before charging, and also to display a map of the closest charging stations and their availability updated in real time!

A versatile vehicle for every need

New Twingo Electric is suitable for all the most common urban driving scenarios, whether it be dropping the kids off at school before heading to work during the week or going to buy bookshelves at a furniture store during the week-end !

The latest Twingo generation relies on a platform natively predisposed to electric power. The battery has been integrated without altering the interior architecture of the vehicle, either in terms of the modular interior or the size of the trunk, still at 240 liters.

In addition to its five doors and hatchback with a handle, the New Twingo Electric still offers a flat floor and a front passenger seat that can be folded down to offer packing space 2.3 meters in length.


* Zero emissions in use: neither CO2 nor regulated air pollutants while driving, according to The Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure emission test cycle, excluding wear parts.

** Data in the process of being approved. WLTP = Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure. The WLTP City cycle corresponds to the urban portion of the normalized cycle. The WLTP Full cycle is the normalized cycle. It consists of 57% urban driving, 25% suburban driving, and 18% highway driving.

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