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Twingo Electric: the ultimate electric city car

24 February 2020
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New Twingo Electric is the first fully electric version of Groupe Renault’s leading small city car, and the perfect partner for urban driving. Twingo uses the unique benefits of electromobility to further reinforce its reputation as a fun and functional everyday vehicle.
by Renault Group

After 27 years, 3 generations and more than 4 million cars sold worldwide, Twingo is starting a new chapter in its history with the upcoming launch of its first fully electric model.

At a time when seeking out clean, sustainable mobility solutions is a priority, especially in cities, New Twingo Electric is designed to meet new consumer expectations in the small city car segment. Designed for city driving, it completes the range of fully electric vehicles developed by Renault, alongside ZOE, Twizy and the utility vehicles Kangoo Z.E. and Master Z.E., as well as the RSM SM3 Z.E. sedan and the compact Renault City K-ZE SUV that are respectively sold in Korea and China.

New Twingo Electric is the result of both our extensive experience in the city car market and our status as pioneer and leader of the electric vehicle market in Europe.
Stéphane Wiscart, Director of the Twingo Program

New Twingo Electric: going electric suits it so well

New Twingo Electric is the electric version of the already much-loved Twingo with its charming character, easy maneuverability and practical features. New Twingo Electric makes all of these aspects even better with its 60 kW (82 HP) electric motor and its energy efficiency.

With torque that’s always ready to kick in, New Twingo Electric gives the driver an especially exhilarating driving experience. Its responsiveness allows it to make its way out of any difficult situation. And driving New Twingo Electric is all the more enjoyable and easier as it offers a new “B mode” with three regenerative braking settings.

New Twingo Electric’s 22 kWh battery gives it a range of around 250 km on the WLTP City cycle and 180 km on the WLTP* Full cycle, which is enough for a week’s city driving without recharging. At the same time, its Caméléon® charger allows it to get the most out of charging on alternative current (AC) charging points of up to 22 kW. Thanks to this record-breaking versatility, New Twingo Electric gets the maximum out of the most common European public charging facilities, charging up to four times faster than competing vehicles.

To make the whole experience even more seamless, the New Twingo Electric also offers most of the Renault CONNECT services, developed by Renault to simplify the use of its vehicles. They can be used from inside the car via the instrument panel or from outside via smartphone. They include the smart services specific to electric vehicles that are already offered with New ZOE.

The most Twingo of Twingos

Twingo’s “conversion” to electric drive is done without any compromises compared to the existing combustion engine versions. The car is based on a platform designed by Renault for both combustion engine and electric vehicles, making it possible to accommodate the powertrain and new-generation battery without compromising on the car’s maneuverability or the comfort of its interior. So New Twingo Electric still has the smallest turning circle on the market and a 2.30 meter loading capacity, which can be reached with the front passenger seat folded down.

Finally, New Twingo Electric still has all the features that give the whole Twingo range its elegant yet characterful design. Hundreds of custom combinations are available, with a wide range of colors, rim designs and stickers. At the same time, it comes with a few design features that signal its membership to the Z.E. family, like the electric blue trim on the wheels.

The New Twingo Electric will be available before the end of 2020 in all of the European countries where it will be sold.


* Data in the process of being approved. WLTP = Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure. The WLTP City cycle corresponds to the urban portion of the normalized cycle. The WLTP Full cycle is the normalized cycle. It consists of 57% urban driving, 25% suburban driving and 18% highway driving.

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