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Renault Symbioz : Convey happiness

8 February 2024

Renault Symbioz. The new name of the Renault’s upcoming compact and family SUV. The dictionary states that ‘symbiosis’ is the lasting, biological, and mutually beneficial relationship between two living organisms. When applied to the relationship between a vehicle and its passengers, this aptly describes the positioning of Renault’s new compact family car. How so? Sylvia dos Santos, Head of Naming Strategy at the Renault Global Marketing Department, sheds light on the name’s origins.

BY Nicolas Le Boucher

Austral, Rafale, and now Symbioz. An original model calls for an equally original name. The name given to Renault’s new compact, family SUV – to be unveiled in spring 2024 – was not plucked out of thin air. It is rather quite meaningful and symbolic.

For the future model, we really wanted a name that was centred around people and the deep bond that ties a family to their vehicle.

Sylvia dos Santos
Head of Naming Strategy at the Renault Global Marketing Department

Living together

The name Symbioz is very interesting from an etymological point of view,” says Sylvia. It is inspired by the word ‘symbiosis’, which itself comes from ancient Greek. A noun derived from the prefix syn-, for ‘together’ or ‘with’, and -bios, for ‘life’; it means ‘living together’.

This etymology is rich in meaning: ‘being together’ is ‘life’, and life is found in being together.

In science, the word ‘symbiosis’ refers to an association between two living organisms that depend on each other to survive.

The figurative meaning is equally interesting: it evokes humanity, living in a society, and, by extension, family.

Life and togetherness are two values deeply rooted in Renault’s DNA, with cars for living,” explains Sylvia. ‘Togetherness’, ‘life’, ‘family’ – these notions revolve around people and, in a broader sense, the bonding force that unites them all. ‘Symbioz’ is therefore a particularly apt name to give a Renault family SUV that boast generous spaciousness and large storage space.

The name also draws on our French roots, because ‘Symbioz’ is a clear nod to the French word 'symbiose’. Its pronunciation is very similar across multiple languages, meaning many people around the world can readily recognise the name ‘Symbioz’,” adds Sylvia.

Renault Symbioz est le nouveau SUV compact et familial de Renault
Renault Symbioz is the upcoming compact and family SUV


With a name that evokes harmony, adaptation, and versatility, it suggests that there is a unique alchemy between Renault’s new compact and family SUV and its passengers. Its exterior and interior design combined with the high-tech features inside make Symbioz a vehicle fostering a powerful connection, or even relationship, with and between passengers.
“The name ‘Symbioz’ perfectly illustrates life with our vehicle, where passengers are one with it and the environment,” says Sylvia. The future Renault model is an invitation to enjoy the pleasures of driving and travelling alone or with others, with no constraints and total freedom. The reference to ‘life together’ hints at notions of life on board, comfort, and well-being.
This vision of a car's interior as a place of sharing and interactions perfectly characterizes Renault’s new family SUV.

People-centric technology

The term ‘symbiosis’ is primarily a scientific term, used mainly in biology. When connected to the world of automotives, it evokes technology, particularly that which focuses on people. “Symbioz is a name that symbolizes people, progress, life. Values that are truly Renault!” adds Sylvia enthusiastically.

At 4.41 metres long, Symbioz will be the most compact SUV in Renault's C segment. Pulling together the brand’s technology in a single vehicle, it will come equipped with the new-generation coverless Solarbay opacifying panoramic sunroof and the E-Tech full hybrid 145 horsepower engine for driving pleasure and reduced fuel consumption.

Driving a Symbioz mean traveling aboard a high-tech vehicle and enjoying an enhanced on-board experience that is open and connected to the outside world,” says Sylvia.

Symbioz is the name of a concept car revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2017. Already, it symbolized humanised technology and on-board life conducive to family travel. A premonition!