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Built in 1998, the Ayrton Senna complex in Curitiba (Brazil) is now one of the Renault Group's main industrial sites in South America. It is organised into 3 production units: passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and mechanics (engines) with the addition of a foundry. In 20 years, the site has manufactured more than 3 million vehicles and 4 million engines for the local and export market.
  • FOUNDED IN: 1998

  • LEGAL FORM AND CAPITAL OWNERSHIP: Société Anonyme (limited company) 96.18% owned by COFAL, and 3.82% by the State of Parana

  • ACTIVITY: Bodywork-assembly, powertrains, spare parts, foundry

  • WORKFORCE: 5 063 at December 31, 2020

  • AREA: 250 ha, o/w 13 ha for the passenger car bodywork-assembly unit, 8.5 ha for the LCV bodywork-assembly unit and 3.3 ha for the powertrain unit

  • CERTIFICATIONS: ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and EAQF 94


Main products

  • Vehicles : Logan 2, Sandero 2, Kwid, Duster 2, Duster Oroch, Captur, Master 3
  • Engines : BR10, HR16
  • Foundry : Aluminium
Production 2020:
  • Master 3: 6,225 units
  • Nouveau Duster: 19,449 units
  • Duster Oroch (pick up): 18,050 units
  • Logan 2: 12,288 units
  • Sandero 2: 26,347 units
  • Captur: 18,379 units
  • Kwid: 75,145 units
Powertrain production 2020
  • Engines: 199,774 units
  • Fonderie Alu.: 2,647 tons


With 100% of its waste re-used or recycled, Renault's Curitiba plant demonstrates a zero waste result performance. An industrial waste treatment process in line with the "National Solid Waste Policy" and the concepts of circular economy, has enabled this result, which was recently awarded an ECO Award in Brazil.

Environmental policy (In local language only)


The quality of our products and services is essential for the satisfaction of our customers in a constantly evolving technological and regulatory environment and where their expectations are becoming increasingly higher.

Quality policy (In local language only)



The Renault plant in Curitiba recently unveiled the Photovoltaic Garage project which, allows to recharge electric vehicles in a 100% sustainable and clean way. This is yet another initiative intended to reduce the carbon footprint, in accordance with the new social and environmental responsibility policy created by the Renault Group.

Our history
Back to the key dates
  • 1997: creation of Renault do Brasil Automoveis (RDBA) 60%-held by COFAL.
  • 1998: official opening of the ‘Ayrton Senna’ plant.
  • 1999: official opening of the ‘Mecanica Mercosul’ Engine plant. Launch of the New Clio.
  • 2001: official opening of the Engine plant’s manufacturing lines and the stamping. Official opening of the spare parts warehouse under the Alliance. Official opening of the LCVs plant, first plant built under the Alliance.
  • 2004: production of the K4M (1.6L 16V) dual fuel (petrol and ethanol) engine.
  • 2005: announcement of Mégane II sedan production start-up. Launch of a full range of Flex Fuel engines (1.0 and 1.6 multivalve bi-fuel units). Manufacturing approval for the New Mégane.
  • 2007: launch of Grand Scénic in March, Mégane CC Sandero and Logan in June. Inauguration of Renault Technology America.
  • 2009: launch of the Symbol.
  • 2011: launch of the Duster; 1 million vehicules manufactured.
  • 2012: inauguration of new Press Shop builiding; Launch of New Master.
  • 2013: launch of the New Master (March) and the New Logan (November); Inauguration of the new CPL (Logistic Preparation Center).
  • 2014: launch of the New Sandero (June) and the New Sandero Stepway (October); Announcement of the new investments for production of 2 new models; 3 million engines; 2 million vehicules manufactured.
  • 2015: manufacturing Approval of Duster Oroch and installation of a new press. Launch of Duster Oroch. Launch of Sandero R.S 2.0.
  • 2016: launch of Captur in Brazil ; Launch of BR10 and H4M at the engines plant.
  • 2017: launch of Kwid and Master.
  • 2018: launch of Duster Oroch ; Inauguration of the new Casting plant. 20 years of CAS. 4 million engines; 3 million vehicules manufactured .
  • 2019: launch of Sandero 2.
  • 2020: launch of Duster 2.

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