Renault Group

Mobilize, Beyond automotive

Mobilize, the new brand within Renault Group, goes beyond automotive to offer services related to mobility, energy and data. Mobilize will be based on sustainable open ecosystems, in line with the Renault Group’s commitment to achieve carbon neutrality in Europe by 2040 and its ambition to develop the value of the circular economy.

Our goal is to maximize car usage with simplified, more sustainable and accessible mobility journeys for people and goods, while reducing the environmental impact.

Clotilde Delbos
CEO, Mobilize

Flexible mobility solutions 

With a unique combination of hardware and software, purpose-designed vehicles and services in open ecosystems, Mobilize offers flexible mobility solutions for people and goods, adapted to the evolving expectations of customers, companies and cities. It addresses concrete issues by providing solutions that are complementary to the traditional scheme of buying a car.



Mobilize invests in developing an ecosystem that includes electric mobility, smart charging and energy storage solutions based on electric vehicles’ batteries to support the energy transition. The integration of these solutions in "Smart Islands", smart cities, or other territories contributes to reaching carbon neutrality.

The circular economy is at the heart of the brand and Mobilize is leveraging Renault Group's recognised expertise in terms of EV batteries lifetime management. The Re-Factory in Flins, will serve as the main “backbone”  for the maintenance and recycling of vehicles and batteries. Mobilize will thus contribute to extending the life cycle of vehicles.


EZ-1 Prototype is the first mobility solution proposal of the Mobilize brand. Designed and conceived specifically for shared use, it is representative of the brand's design approach: the service and the global experience at the heart of vehicle's design. Its the commercial model will be innovative: users will only pay for what they use, based on time or mileage. The vehicle is connected: it comes with keyless access and interacts with users via their smartphone.

EZ-1 Prototype is a connected, compact and agile electric vehicle for 2 people. The future EZ-1 production model will be made according to circular economy principles, using 50% recycled materials and, at the end of its life, will be 95% recyclable.

Mobilize EZ-1 Prototype