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Our values 01

Bring you simplicity, pragmatism, honesty

Simplicity and honesty, those are the values of Dacia. We are committed to providing the right products at the right price. This is what we define as the most important. It's as simple as that.

denis le vot
CEO Dacia

Design the best car, the one that meets your needs


For us, that's essential. We take into consideration everything that is important to you and we create vehicles that you can rely on for a long time.

In a changing world, we choose simplicity and transparency. With us, you are in control of your budget and always have a choice. Our job is to offer you the right value for money.

Unlike the industry trends we consider price as the starting point. We optimise costs at every stage, from design to manufacturing to sales. So, you can purchase a new vehicle, without sacrificing on the rest. You pay only for what you deem necessary.

That is the recipe of our success

8 millions, that's the number of happy customers in 44 countries in Europe and across the Mediterranean region.

Our vision 02

Offer you new cars affordable and always more eco-friendly
dacia favoriser la mobilité pour tous

Promote mobility for all

Our technologies aim to reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions. By making them available to as many people as possible, we increase the amount of safe and more eco-friendly vehicles in circulation and reduce the number of second-hand cars incompatible with the current ecological reality.

We are adressing people who either do not wish to overspend on a car or don't have any other choice. Solidary lease-to-buy enables us to propose new vehicles to people who need them for life and work, but who ordinarily cannot afford.

dacia Privilégier une consommation raisonnée

Prioritize rational consumption

We prefer simplicity over all the frills you don't need. We keep only what matters to you.

This approach allows us to use fewer resources and manufacture cars that are lighter and consume less energy.

We select sustainable materials. Among other things, we have stopped using leather and we have committed to stop using chrome deco in our vehicles.

Exploring tomorrow's essentials

At the Paris Motor Show 2022, Dacia unveiled its new concept car: Manifesto Concept, a concentration of the brand's values, which takes our exploration of the outdoor world a step further. It is a frugal, compact and multi-purpose vehicle. A light, silent and agile companion, completely open to the outdoors, Manifesto Concept is designed to enjoy nature with the least amount of fuss. Robust and equipped with a 4-wheel drive, it would be just as capable of refueling in high-altitude huts as it would be of operating in an open-air facility.

This new concept-car is also a concrete way of presenting all of our innovations: those that are already in some of our models and will be extended to the entire range, such as "Bring your own device"; those that we will be launching soon, such as Starkle® or YouClip; and those that explore new ideas, to be explored in the years to come, such as the airless tyre.

With Manifesto Concept, Dacia is reaffirming its vision of an essential, cool, robust, affordable and environmentally friendly car.

Learn more about Dacia Manifesto Concept

Our know-how 03

Offer you what's most important in a car, at the right price

Essential but cool

Spacious, practical and modular, our cars adapt to all your urban or outdoor activities. Functional, our models have some good surprises for you.

We leverage digital solutions to make your interactions with us and our products, easy and smooth.

We're constantly coming up with multi-purpose, smart and cleverly integrated accessories, such as Media Control.

Learn more about Media Control


To respect both your wallet and the planet, we opt for economical and more ecological solutions. We want to offer you the best of both worlds.

We make eco-friendly choices, particularly with Dacia Spring, which benefits from all the expertise of Renault Group to give you access to the most affordable electric vehicle on the market.

The LPG offered across our entire fleet, under the ECO-G label, is another example of this. The dual-fuel system of petrol and LPG is a tried and tested technology. You can seamlessly switch from one to the another at the touch of a button.

Learn more about ECO-G

Robust and outdoor

Our models are made to withstand the test of time and to accompany you on your off-road adventures, whatever road you take.

Thanks to their high clearance, their robust suspensions and the use of simple and robust materials, our vehicles,  from Dacia Spring to Dacia Jogger, will not let you down and will maintain a good residual value.

This spirit is particularly embodied in our flagship model, Dacia Duster, a SUV with remarkable off-road capacities.

Learn more about the secrets of our robustness

UTMB® World Series, a partner just like us

We wish to be involved in partnerships that make sense. UTMB® World Series, we is a partner with whom we share the same values of eco-responsibility, solidarity and inclusivity.

In this collaboration, we are going off the beaten path and giving you the opportunity to reconnect with nature through trail running.

Learn more about our partnership with UTMB®

Our world 04

Allow you to discover our identity

New Dacia Link emblem, new logo, new colours, still Dacia


We evolve with the times to better adapt to your expectations. We have modernised our whole fleet and are now beginning a new chapter. Our brand identity becomes more contemporary and assertive.

The revised emblem combines the letters D and C to symbolise the bond of trust that unites us with our customers. This is why we have named it Dacia Link.

Our colour palette draws its inspirations from nature, our cars' playground and the ideal place to take advantage of the simple pleasures in life.

This new identity is present across all our channels of communication, our advertisements, our cars and our points of sale.

Get more information on the new visual identity

A brand open to all

You can freely access our brand platform.
Explore the Dacia world

Our roots 05

Share our story with you

Strong DNA


We are looking to the future, because we know where we come from. Since the beginning, we've challenged the rules of the market and have kept the same promise: to offer you cars that are modern, reliable and accessible. In the past, in the present and in the future, our guiding principle is essentiality.

From our birth in Romania to the present day, our story is shaped by the launches of our new models.

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