Everyone knows about Renault Group, the carmaker. But did you know our activities touch on other fields, including banking? Read on to learn more about our parent company, Renault SA, as well as Qstomize, Mobilize Financial Services, and our Corporate Sales Division.

Renault SA

 Renault head office in Boulogne-Billancourt on Quai Le Gallo

Renault SA business is divided into 2 operational sectors in over 133 countries:

1) Automotive, including the design, production and distribution of products through a sales network (among others, by the Renault Retail Group subsidiary):

  • new vehicles with several ranges (PC, LCV and EV) under 4 brands: Renault, Dacia, Mobilize and Alpine,
  • used vehicles and spare parts,
  • the Renault powertrain range, a B2B activity.

2)  Services, including sales financing, rental, maintenance and service contracts.

Mobilize Financial Services             

Mobilize Financial Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Renault S.A.S. It provides financing for the sales of Renault Group's brands (Renault, Dacia Mobilize and Alpine) throughout the world and for the Nissan group brands (Nissan, Datsun, Infiniti), primarily in Europe, Russia and South America. Mobilize Financial Services is present in 36 countries.

Mobilize Financial Services:

  • brings consumers a range of financing solutions and services adapted to their projects and lifestyles, for a smoother, richer experience in automotive mobility, with both new and used cars ;
  • supplies business customers with a range of mobility solutions to free them from the constraints of fleet management and allow them to focus on their core business ;
  • finances the inventories of new vehicles, used vehicles, and replacement parts for Alliance networks.


Find out more about Mobilize Financial Services

Renault Corporate Sales 

Created in 1999 and present in 42 countries, the Renault Corporate Sales Direction partners businesses in the management of their vehicle fleets. It relies on Renault’s leadership position with professional customers in France and on international expertise, ranking top three in Europe.

Renault Fluence 2012 at Bursa in Turkey

Fleet management represents a major challenge for companies with new regulations, economic considerations and the energy transition. Renault Fleet Customer Solutions helps them to see things more clearly and develop their vehicle fleet internationally, with tailor-made support.

Renault Pro+ global expert brand

Present in over 110 countries, the Renault Pro+ expert brand works to simplify the day-to-day lives of professional customers through a dedicated range of products and services.

Renault Pro+: a broad range of light commercial vehicles (LCVs)

Renault ProRenault Pro+ offers a substantial selection of LCVs, from small vans and large vans (Kangoo, Trafic, Master) to pick-ups (Alaskan).
With over 650 versions available, Renault Pro+ addresses all the needs of business uses, including those making last-mile deliveries with a unique range of four electric LCVs (Twizy Cargo, ZOE Commercial, Kangoo Z.E. and Master Z.E.).
These vehicles can also be adapted to diverse professional customer requirements through tailor made conversions.

Renault Pro+: connected services for professionals

As part of its range of connected services, Renault Pro+ has introduced Renault EASY CONNECT for Fleet, an ecosystem of connected services for business users that simplifies vehicle fleet management and reduces running costs.

Renault Pro+: a network of specialists

Renault ProToday, nearly 650 dealerships (Renault Pro+ centers) worldwide market a specific offering for business users and fleets. The specialist network fully addresses the expectations of professionals by bringing them adapted advice and service quality, notably as regards vehicle choice, tailor made conversions, extended opening hours, speedy service, one-hour diagnoses, and replacement vehicles.


Qstomize designs, produces and markets vehicle conversions and offers associated services in response to the needs of retail and professional customers, in compliance with the group's quality standards.

Renault TECH

The segments where we operate:

Renault TECH

  • Passenger cars, with flagship activities such as company vans, driving schools and limited editions
  • Commercial vehicles, with heavy conversions such as tippers, deep cabs or the fitting of professional equipment
  • Corporate fleets, with specific responses to customer specifications
  • Transport for people with reduced mobility (TPMR), its historical activity, for mobility accessible to all.