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Kangoo Z.E.

01 July 2020
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With a combined range of 230 km and up to 320 km in the city, plus the ability to drive in any urban center, Kangoo Z.E. has established itself as the reference electric van for professionals.
by Renault Group

Kangoo Z.E. is the benchmark electric van that offers numerous innovations to better meet customer expectations and environmental challenges. It allows professionals to combine business with pleasure thanks to the advantages of electric mobility: respect for the environment, reduced energy costs, silence on board, etc. Above all, Kangoo Z.E. guarantees that it can work in low-emission and restricted access areas, whatever the job. In 2 or 5-seater versions, in standard, long or deep cab chassis, Kangoo Z.E. adapts to all types of needs.


Kangoo Z.E. features a highly energy-efficient motor and optimized electronic battery management to limit energy consumption. The 44 kW (equivalent to 60 hp), 100% Renault, 44 kW engine is derived from the ZOE R90 engine. With a maximum torque of 226 Nm delivered instantaneously and its automatic transmission, it offers frank and fluid acceleration in a restful silence.


With its Z.E. 33 battery, Kangoo Z.E. has a range of 230 km (WLTP cycle “combined” consumption), i.e. 120 to 200 km depending on temperature conditions and the weight transported, in average real use on a “delivery” cycle (45 km/h average in urban, peri-urban and expressway areas and with the vehicle at rest 14% of the tour time). In the WLTP City cycle, the range extends to 320 km.

A Z.E. Hydrogen version will be available at the end of 2020 and will allow to reach more than 350 km in real use conditions.


Kangoo Z.E. recharges quickly and easily. Its integrated 7 kW charger allows the battery to be recharged in about 6 hours from a Wallbox type socket (10 to 12 hours from a standard household socket limited to 12A). During a stop on a public road, the Kangoo Z.E. battery recovers 35 km in 1 hour (the time of a lunch break), thus optimizing the working day.

Connected services

Kangoo Z.E. can be optimized and recharged through a number of connected services: programming the recharging period to benefit from the cheapest electricity pricing; remote consultation of the vehicle’s range and recharging status; locating and selecting the nearest recharging points in a matter of seconds; recharging on all networks in France and even in several European countries.

Made to measure

Kangoo Z.E. is renowned for its comfort and modularity. It comes in two lengths thanks to its Kangoo Maxi Z.E. version: 4.28 m and 4.66 m. It has a loading space ranging from 3.5 to 4.6 m3, for a payload of 650 kilos. Its useful loading length allows objects of up to 2.88 meters to be loaded thanks to its innovative seat that folds flat and its pivoting partition.



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