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Mobility services

For Renault Group, the development of new shared mobility services sits on an industrial continuum. It has always been in our nature to show leadership in deciphering consumer trends and usages in order to offer transport services that best meet needs both now and in the future. But we don’t do this in isolation, we collaborate with other mobility stakeholders.

Our vision

In 2050, according to the UN, there will be 9.8 billion people on the planet, almost 70% of whom will live in urban areas. The growing demand for personal urban mobility other than the private car and existing public transport methods requires the development of more effective offers that are clean, sustainable and shared. It is our duty as leader vigorously to promote this change.


Our current offers

No longer just a vehicle manufacturer, Renault Group is now a sustainable mobility provider that provides a vast range of shared, environmentally responsible solutions.

  • Car-sharing
  • Short-term rental
  • Car-pooling
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Our experiments


In Rouen, Renault Group and Transdev have begun the first trial of an autonomous shared mobility on demand service on the highways of Europe: the Rouen Normandy Autonomous Lab. Four driverless Renault ZOEs, each one electric and autonomous, of course, are completing on-demand journeys on three routes with a total length of around 6 miles. A shuttle is soon to join the fleet during this trial phase, which ran from June 2018 to the end of 2019.
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The Paris-Saclay Autonomous Lab has the objective of inventing and trialling various services for a smarter, autonomous, electric mobility, both public and private, to supplement the existing transport offer in the Paris-Saclay area. This involves the introduction and testing of a complete autonomous transport system, consisting of autonomous vehicles, a supervisory mechanism, a connected infrastructure and customer apps, in order to define the conditions for deploying an autonomous mobility service on a larger scale. The trial of the daytime service, using electric, autonomous, shared and on-demand Renault ZOE Cab, is open to a panel of users.
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Renault Group and Nissan to become the first automotive manufacturers to explore driverless mobility services with Waymo in France and Japan. Exclusive agreement to initially focus on driverless mobility services for people and goods in France and Japan.


Our concept and demo-cars

In 2018 and 2019, Renault Group unveiled the EZ-GO, EZ-PRO, EZ-ULTIMO and EZ-POD, four driverless concept vehicles that illustrate its vision of the shared urban mobility of the future.
Concept-Car Renault EZ-GO / EZ-PRO / EZ-ULTIMO

Renault EZ-GO

A concept car for shared urban mobility

The shared urban mobility of tomorrow will be all about the autonomous, connected electric vehicle (driverless vehicle) like the EZ-GO concept car. Designed to be integrated with the city, Renault EZ-GO is both a vehicle and a service. Il reflects the brand’s Easy Life identity by offering a new, pleasant and practical mobility experience. The Renault EZ-GO allows users to travel from an identified location - like a station - or one that is geolocated by an app. Thanks to this vehicle-service, passengers can use this new free time to read, work, or entertain themselves, to enjoy the city, to sleep, etc. whilst making the most of the on-board comfort. This service adapts to every need and to every type of user: those unable, no longer able or with no wish to drive. Trips for a single passenger or an entire family or group of friends, or (why not?) shared with other users.

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Renault EZ-PRO

A driverless vehicle for urban delivery

The second concept car in the trio of driverless vehicles presented in 2018, the Renault EZ-PRO represents Renault Group’s vision of the future of urban last-mile delivery. This 100%-electric, connected, autonomous concept car, formed of shared, interconnected pods, will contribute to the smart cities of tomorrow by reducing traffic and pollution. Thanks to its extreme modularity, it serves many purposes, both for delivery and last-mile logistics specialists, and for retailers and end customers. The Renault EZ-PRO accommodates a human supervisor, to oversee the delivery of goods and services, and has an accompanying fleet of driverless robo-pods. With this offer, which is unique in the world of driverless vehicles, Renault Group is able to demonstrate its vision of a future in which the human being will retain a key role at the heart of transport activities.

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A driverless vehicle for a premium mobility experience

After the EZ-GO, which embodies shared urban mobility for all, and the EZ-PRO, the specialist in last-mile deliveries, the EZ-ULTIMO is the third member of Renault’s family of concept vehicles for shared autonomous, electric, connected urban mobility services. It is capable of operating both within the city and beyond, for example, on a route to an airport. Available on demand, the EZ-ULTIMO is the ideal way for a travel operator, luxury hotel or mobility operator to broaden its offer by providing its customers with a wholly unique premium travel or tourism experience. Designed with a “bodywork 2.0” approach, this vehicle is the very embodiment of Renault’s DNA and its French Design and Easy Life principles.

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Renault EZ-POD

An experimental autonomous vehicle to complement mobility

The Renault EZ-POD is an experimental autonomous vehicle to complement mobility in the first and last mile. It’s a small, connected, 100%-electric driverless autonomous vehicle, designed to carry people or goods over short distances. Like electric scooters and bikes, the Renault EZ-POD is a micro-mobility solution. Its restricted speed, compactness and agility make it highly suited to pedestrian environments, such as airports, car parks and shopping centres, where we plan to trial it in dedicated areas.

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