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An Unprecedented Experience

User-Focused Connectivity

Renault Group has always been a leader in innovation, making users’ journeys smoother, people's lives better, and inspiring the future of transportation. Already a part of the Renault range, connected vehicles are a key component of this innovation strategy.

Renault - improving traffic safety

Improving Traffic Safety

As part of the SCOOP project, Renault is working with infrastructure management organizations, regional and local authorities, universities, and scientific and research institutions to connect cars to the road.

The pilot project for rolling out smart, cooperative transportation systems will make it possible to improve road safety and streamline traffic flows.

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Fully committed to a human-centered and practical approach, Renault Group employs connected technology to give customers a mobility experience that is smarter, more harmonious and better integrated into their digital lives.

This translates to a complete range of personalized services and wallet-friendly solutions available to the owners and users of our vehicles.

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For safer driving and an enhanced passenger experience

Integrated into a comprehensive system uniting drivers, passengers and their personal surroundings, connected vehicles give you the chance to easily customize your own personal mobility.

Find all your favorite applications and partners, stay connected to digital media, work and leisure activities, on easy-to-use, intuitively designed interfaces—Renault connected services are there to meet these needs.

OpenR screen and OpenR Link system

A new generation of in-car technologies and connected services

With the new OpenR screen, launched in 2022, Renault is revolutionizing the in-car experience. Its unprecedentedly large glass panel blends perfectly with the lines of the cockpit. Its OpenR Link interface, based on Android OS and featuring the Google ecosystem, is as easy to use as a smartphone.


An immersive and customisable XXL screen

Available for the first time on New Megane E-TECH Electric, the OpenR screen is the centrepiece of the new high-tech cockpits in Renault's new range of electric vehicles. Its upside-down L-shaped glass panel combines the digital dashboard display - a 12.3" horizontal screen positioned behind the steering wheel - with the multimedia display - via a 12" vertical screen, positioned in the centre of the dashboard. In addition, there is a 9.3" head-up display projected into the windscreen, giving a total display area of almost 1000 cm². Never before seen in a Renault vehicle!

A browsing experience enriched by the Google ecosystem

Once installed in a Renault vehicle, the user experiences a very intuitive system, similar to the one used on a smartphone. Except that here, the multimedia screen is fully integrated into the car and is six times larger than that of a smartphone! The OpenR screen is powered by the OpenR Link multimedia system, developed in association with Google. Based on 10 years of expertise in in-car displays and technologies, OpenR Link is both scalable and open to future technologies. Based on Android OS, it offers a constellation of familiar applications and functions including Google Maps, Google Assistant and Google Play.

State of the art components

Renault has surrounded itself with experts to manufacture and be supplied with the most reliable and best performing components on the market. The central screen, for example, was manufactured by Continental using aluminosilicate "Gorilla Glass". This is a tempered glass that is ultra-resistant to shocks, insensitive to scratches and treated to be anti-reflective and anti-fingerprint. For computing power, Renault has teamed up with the American equipment manufacturer Qualcomm to use the 3rd generation Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit platform and its octocore processor. The result is that the screen is seven times smoother than the previous generation!

Advances in Autonomous Vehicles

As connected technologies make progress in terms of features and implementation, we move ever closer to the automation of driving that will ultimately culminate in autonomous vehicles.

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