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Autonomous Vehicles

Connectivity and autonomous driving will increasingly allow people to choose between driving and being driven, which opens up new scenarios for mobility.

Let Yourself

Be Safely Transported to the World of Tomorrow

Autonomous technologies will allow users being to delegate driving and benefit from regained time.

2017 - SYMBIOZ DEMO CAR autonomous drive

Free Up Time with Autonomous Driving

The Group's goal for autonomous vehicles is to change the experience of riding in cars, making it more pleasant, less stressful and more productive.

In “Mind Off” autonomous mode, drivers can make better use of their time by using in-vehicle connectivity to answer emails, watch videos or safely converse with passengers. It’s up to them how they want to make use of this time!

From ADAS to Autonomous Driving

Renault Group currently offers advanced driver assistance systems on its vehicles. These ADAS improve safety and act for the most part without human input, as is the case for automatic emergency braking (AEBS).

They serve as a gateway to autonomous vehicles, even though they are initially only there to provide assistance to the driver, who remains in charge of the vehicle.

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2017 - Essais Vehicule Autonome - Groupe Renault

“Eyes Off/Hands Off” Technology

“Eyes Off/Hands Off” technology is a form of autonomous driving with no driver supervision.

When drivers delegate driving activities, they no longer need to watch the road or have their hands on the steering Wheel - driving is now fully delegated to the vehicle.

This feature is intended for the most boring kinds of driving - driving in stop-and-go traffic, for instance - and only on approved highways.

“Eyes Off/Hands Off” Mode

When autonomous driving mode is activated, a set of sensors monitor the road and provide 360° surveillance of the vehicle: lidars (long-range laser scanners), long-range frontal radar, medium-range corner radar, frontal digital cameras, four 180° digital cameras, an ultrasound belt and more.

The data collected by these sensors is analyzed by the many embedded software “brains” that tell the vehicle what to do.

“Eyes Off/Hands Off” Benefits

With the autonomous “Eyes Off/Hands Off” mode, Renault’s goal is to change the experience of riding in cars, making it more pleasant, more interesting and safer. This will significantly reduce the risk of accidents! Trips will be less stressful and more productive.

Drivers can make better use of their time by using in-vehicle connectivity to answer emails or watch videos. They can do so safely, outside conditions permitting, as long as applicable laws and regulations are followed, once these are updated to authorize these new features.

Sensors on Our Autonomous Espace Prototype

With autonomous drive operative, the car “sees” the road and monitors what’s happening all around the car by means of an extensive array of sensors. The data input from the sensors is processed by multiple onboard “brains” in the form of embedded software that tells the car what to do, thus enabling the driver to safely hand the car over to its automatic driver, in Eyes-off/Hands-off mode.

On current prototypes (based on Renault Espace) we find the following sensors : 


Long-range laser scanners that can perceive the entire environment

Frontal cameras

With three focal lengths: short, medium and long-range

Frontal radar

Measures the following distance

Corner radar

Monitors movements around the vehicle

Ultrasound sensors

Detects obstacles

180° cameras

Located under the side mirrors and near the license plates
Toll barriers in autonomous mode

Toll Barriers in Autonomous Mode

Renault Group and Sanef launched a pilot project in June 2016 to study the behavior of autonomous Renault vehicles at toll barriers and in work zones.

This experiment has been conducted in Normandy on the A13 highway using the V2X connected infrastructure developed by Sanef.

Watch one of our prototypes go through a toll barrier without leaving autonomous driving mode.

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