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With open innovation companies open up to a diverse group of outside players: partners, start-ups, universities, and more, all while promoting creativity at the company. The industry is constantly evolving; if you can work in new ways using new technology and come up with new possibilities, you are prepared to explore new horizons.

Innovation comes from being open to the world, and creative inspirations come from unexpected places!

Innovation is everyone’s business. The vehicle of the future will come out of a process that combinesin-house creativity,outside collaborations and Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi synergies. A new approach designed to keep pace with the rise of new technology, new forms of mobility and new customer uses.
Renault Group is always developing more outside collaborations to co-innovate with partners and deliver new services and new mobility solutions to customers. Today, this open innovation also includes start-ups, which are often at the cutting edge when it comes to new ways of developing and boosting innovation.

Open Innovation Labs: Where Innovation Lives

In 2011 Renault Group established a foothold in Silicon Valley,  where our teams can draw on a diverse ecosystem (made up of universities, start-ups and major companies), take a page out of their book and get inspired by their creativity.

This center for global innovation is tasked with making use of existing opportunities and skills in the region, with a focus on three areas: electric vehicles and their ecosystems, in-vehicle well-being and new services.

Being able to work differently through new technologies and with new scenarios in mind means giving ourselves the means to explore new horizons.

Having gained a foothold in Silicon Valley, Renault Group went on to create two new Alliance Innovation Labs.

The first is in Tel Aviv, Israel, ranked as one of the top five countries with the most conducive ecosystems for start-ups and home to academic research institutions. This site, opened in 2019, aims to promote electric vehicles and foster creativity with a focus on the mobility of the future. It is entirely focused on open innovation, on behalf of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. Its activities also include sensors, cybersecurity, connectivity, data and artificial intelligence.

The second is in Shanghai, China. It focuses on research and development of autonomous driving, smart connected vehicles and electrified vehicles. It helps its members, start-ups and Chinese partners to explore and exploit innovation opportunities.

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Software République visual

Software République is an European open innovation ecosystem launched in 2021 by six technology leaders: Atos, Dassault Systèmes, Orange, Renault, STMicroelectronics, Thales. This collaborative ecosystem works closely with innovative startups to create products and services for a sustainable, secure and intelligent mobility.


Alliance Ventures

Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi has launched Alliance Ventures, a new corporate venture capital fund that plans to invest up to $1 billion over the next five years to support open innovation. In the first year, it intends to prioritize new mobility with a $200-million initial investment.

• This new entity will be a major partner for start-ups and investors, and a key player in the venture capital ecosystem.
• The fund prioritizes open innovation in the new mobility field, including electric vehicles, self-driving systems, connectivity, and artificial intelligence.

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Our cooperative innovation laboratory

The LCI (Cooperative Innovation Laboratory) takes its cues from the start-up approach. It is home to Renault Group employees from three divisions: Products, Design and Engineering.

Promote cross-disciplinary discussions by forging stronger ties

After years spent focusing solely on internal-combustion vehicles, the automotive industry is now diversifying. This diversity means that auto manufacturers can no longer expect to possess all the skills and expertise they need to design and develop the vehicles of the future, given that the skills involved are cutting-edge and constantly evolving.

Groupe SANEF and Renault Group partnership

By connecting autonomous vehicles to road infrastructure, Renault Group and Sanef are coming one step closer to the goal of eliminating fatal traffic accidents and freeing up time for travelers. We are continuing to be pioneers in this field by driving a prototype through a toll barrier while in autonomous mode.
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Renault and Scoop, infrastructure for the car of the future

As part of the SCOOP project, Renault is working with infrastructure management organizations, regional and local authorities, universities, and scientific and research institutions to connect cars to the road. The pilot project for rolling out smart, cooperative transportation systems will make it possible to improve road safety and streamline traffic flows.
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Renault Group teams up with numa to launch Citymakers

The open innovation program CityMakers—launched in April 2017 by Renault Group, NUMA and their partners—aims to accelerate the transition to flexible, sustainable urban mobility. CityMakers attributes start-ups working with mobility experts to the aforementioned partners to help them each develop an innovative solution to a future mobility challenge. Following the success of the first edition, a second season of CityMakers was announced in July 2018.
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Rouen Normandy Autonomous Lab

As part of the Rouen Normandy Autonomous Lab (RNAL), Renault Group is participating in tests for an on-demand, driverless car service on open roads—a first in Europe—by providing four electric ZOE vehicles. This service, which was developed in collaboration with partners such as the Rouen Normandie Metropolitan Authority, Transdev group and Matmut group, has been available between 2018 and end 2019 to residents of Rouen.
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