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Renault ZOE, the epitome of driving pleasure

10 May 2019
3 min
Who ever said small cars have to be boring? With its powerful engine, durable battery and onboard features designed to make the driver’s life easier, the Renault ZOE is the embodiment of how electric makes it possible to combine comfort and driving pleasure behind the wheel of an electric car!
by Renault Group

All drivers of a ZOE will say the same: it’s hard to go back once you’ve had a taste of its electric motor’s charms. Beyond the way it starts up silently, its immediately available torque also makes a big impact.

The car leaps forward nimbly at the driver’s whim, silently and without any interfering vibrations. Its acceleration is smooth and constant, without the jerks usually associated with shifting gears, since the car doesn’t have a clutch.

Responsive acceleration and gentle braking

The R110 engine launched in 2018 reinforces the feeling of exhilaration: with its 80 kW of power, it makes it possible to enjoy this seductive acceleration capability when the car is already running. That means more acceleration pick-up for the ZOE, which makes passing and merging on motorways easier, and always smooth!

Very quickly, drivers learn to approach slowing down with the same sense of flow, in keeping with the principles of eco-driving. Rather than stopping at the last possible moment, they work the engine brake by releasing the accelerator to take advantage of regenerative braking as much as possible, making use of the system that converts part of the speed lost into electricity, which can then be used to power the vehicle.

Connected services that increase driving range

With its 41 kW battery, a ZOE has a range of 300 km in real mixed, urban or suburban use, as measured by the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicles Test Procedure. Onboard, the R-LINK information system is constantly providing feedback on the battery’s charge level. It also provides advice on how to adapt your driving style to improve your ZOE’s range.

As for the Renault applications designed for electric vehicles, they offer all the assistance you need for finding public charging stations that are available along your route on any given day.

Features that support smart charging take over once evening falls, when a driver has plugged in their car for the night. The goal becomes making the most of any fluctuations in the price of electricity to provide a full charge at the lowest cost.

Pre-conditioning the car’s interior, on the other hand, allows drivers to programme their desired cabin temperature for the next departure while the car is still connected to the grid. ZOEs can thus save their battery reserves for the day’s journeys.

Enjoying the silence on board a Renault ZOE

Aside from the noise of their tyres on asphalt, ZOEs operate silently. Trips become a cherished moment to connect with family and friends, listen to the radio or enjoy your own music through the integrated multimedia system. Android Auto compatibility stretches the system’s capabilities even further by mirroring smartphone applications on the centre console’s touchscreen.

To sum up the pleasure of driving a ZOE in a few words: a subtle balance between performance, comfort and practicality on a daily basis. It’s that very balance that made Renault’s city car the best selling electric vehicle in several European countries in 2018.


Copyrights: Yannick BROSSARD, PLANIMONTEUR, Renault Marketing 3D-Commerce

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