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The ride of a lifetime… A driver’s eye view of the iconic 13.6km 24 Hours of Le Mans race with Alpine!

11 June 2022
Addicted to adrenaline? Then climb into the cockpit of the FIA World Endurance Championship-topping Alpine A480 for a flying lap around the 24 Hours of Le Mans circuit – and make sure your harness straps are fully tightened! Join Alpine Elf Endurance Team driver Nicolas Lapierre behind the wheel as you tackle the famous 13.6km track (including the infamous Mulsanne Straight, Tertre Rouge, Mulsanne Corner and Porsche Curves) at an eye-watering average speed of 238km/h!
by Renault Group

Le Mans is no ordinary circuit – we are in a different dimension!

Nicolas Lapierre
Driver, Alpine Elf Endurance Team

A Lap of Le Mans in Numbers

  • 54 gear changes.
  • 12 braking zones.
  • Top speeds… Approaching the Dunlop Curve: 280kph / Approaching the first Mulsanne chicane: 325kph / Approaching the second Mulsanne chicane: 320kmph / Approaching Mulsanne Corner: 310kph / Approaching Indianapolis: 320kph / Approaching the Porsche Curves: 310kph / Approaching the Ford Chicane: 290kph.
  • Engine speed: 6,000 to 8,500rpm
  • G-forces: up to 3.5G lateral (cornering) and up to 3G longitudinal (braking)