Renault Group

Open Innovation Lab Silicon Valley


Renault opened its Californian Open Innovation Lab —Renault Silicon Valley— in 2011, with the mission of making the most of the skills and opportunities that abound in this region, in three fields in particular: electric vehicles and their ecosystem, driver and passenger wellbeing, and new services.
  • BIRTH DATE: 2011

  • ADDRESS: 1215 Bordeaux Drive, Sunnyvale, California 94089, USA

Initial projects from the Silicon Valley centre provide valuable input for the Groupe Renault innovation programme over the years to come. And the centre’s observation antenna tracks major trends in relevant fields through an advanced technology watch programme run in cooperation with some of the region’s leading centres of excellence, such as Stanford and Berkeley universities, various research centres, and new-tech giants such as Google and Intel.

2011 Renault Silicon Valley