Renault Group

Saint André de l'Eure (SOFRASTOCK)

Sofrastock provides services such as supplies, coordination and packaging of automotive parts and other parts not directly related to manufacturing, for both import and export, for the Alliance plants, other customers and automotive parts manufacturers.
  • FOUNDED IN: 1971

  • LEGAL FORM AND CAPITAL OWNERSHIP: "S.N.C." (general partnership) with capital of 1,524,000 €

  • ACTIVITY: Logistics

  • WORKFORCE: 344 employees on December 31, 2022

  • AREA: 48,000 m² of warehouse space

  • CERTIFICATIONS: ISO 9001, ISO 14 001


Main products

  • Small automotive parts: 7,0 millions of packaged units delivered
  • Small-scale packaging: 33,6 groups of millions


In line with the Groupe Renault's environmental policy, Sofrastock International is committed to continuously preventing and reducing the environmental footprint and the health impacts of our logistics. Among the actions initiated, the reconstruction of metal packaging is an example.

Environmental policy (French only)


The quality of its products and services is one of Sofrastock's strategic focal points. Our ambition is to contribute to the performance of the Renault – Nissan – Mitsubishi Alliance and to the recognition of Sofrastock as being one of the best providers of Renault and its partners in terms of quality and service.

Quality policy (French only)


In 2020, Sofrastock has launched a metal packaging reconstruction program, in complement to the usual repairing activity, which allows the recovery of grilles and components. The benefits for the Groupe Renault are not only economical, but also environmental with the recycling of repaired components. It is called "reconstruction" because the reconditioning is carried out on a new base.

Our history
Back to the key dates
  • 1971: SOFRASTOCK International, a Renault subsidiary, set up.
  • 1985: logistics services for a wide range of products: 10 warehouses in France.
  • 1989: start-up of small-scale conditioning for Renault DCM.
  • 1990: refocusing on Renault’s core business: “just-in-time” logistics, startup of the import platform service for the Renault Purchasing Department.
  • 1998: start-up of logistics services for the aeronautics industry.
  • 2007: SOFRASTOCK International becomes Renault’s main supplier of parts not directly related to manufacturing.
  • 2008: introduction of synergies with the Grand-Couronne International Logistics Network.
  • 2011: SFKI celebrates its 40th anniversary.
  • 2013: the “SFKI 2016″ project makes the subsidiary an efficient logistics supplier to support Renault’s international growth.
  • 2015: a reorganisation of responsibilities on the logistics sites: Grand-Couronne and SFKI come under the responsibility of a single director.
  • 2017: creation of an additional building for the small automotive parts activity, with a view to increasing capacity for production that has been increasing for several years.
  • 2018: growth in the management, repair and marking of returnable packaging. A global innovation plan to introduce new technologies on the site (collaborative robot, self-driving forklift trucks, connected workshop, etc.).
  • 2019: Increase in freight forwarder activity (the platform can transport parts for which it does not hold the ownership rights, on behalf of a third party)
  • 2021: Sofrastock celebrates 50 years of activity

Contact us

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+ 33 (0)1 76 89 18 00