Renault Group

Villeurbanne / Meyzieu (ACI) Plant (ACI)

The Auto Châssis International Villeurbanne factory manufactures axle assemblies for the Alliance on its historic site of Villeurbanne and is developing activities called tooling on its new site of Meyzieu opened in 2020.
  • FOUNDED IN: 1970 (SMV), 1999 (ACI)

  • LEGAL FORM AND CAPITAL OWNERSHIP: Société en Nom Collectif (general partnership) fully owned by ACI

  • ACTIVITY: Powertrains, tooling

  • WORKFORCE: 182 at December 31, 2020

  • AREA: Villeurbanne : 5 ha o/w 3,5 ha of covered buildings, Meyzieu : 1 ha of covered buildings

  • CERTIFICATIONS: ISO 14001, ISO 9001, label SMSSCT


Main products


  • Villeurbanne : Front trains, suspension arms, rocket carriers. packaging of parts
  • Meyzieu: 3D printing, retrofitting of installations, unit machining, prototyping, etc.
  • Front suspensions: 227,634 vehicles


As our activity is evolving toward new professions, the respect of the environment and our impacts on it are remaining at the heart of our operations.

Environmental policy (French only)


The evolution of our profession brings us to have new customers with an important diversity of parts. The satisfaction of all of our customers remains a strong axis of our daily lives.

Quality policy (French only)


Opening of Meyzieu in September 2020. The plant is preparing for the arrival of Villeurbanne's series activity on Meyzieu in 2021.

Our history
Back to the key dates
  • 1970: creation of the Société Mécanique de Villeurbanne (SMV), Limited Company subsidiary of Renault.
  • 1999: integration of SMV into ACI.
  • 2001: SMV becomes an ACI subsidiary and takes the name of ACI Villeurbanne.
  • 2004: founding of the Chassis Manufacturing department, to oversee production at all the “chassis” sites.
  • 2010: production of components for New Master.
  • 2012: production of  of stub axle carriers for Duster.
  • 2014: production of components for New Trafic.
  • 2015: packaging work boosted and the Lean project launched.
  • 2016: deployment of Lean on packaging.
  • 2017: deployment of Lean on serial activity.
  • 2018: launch of the ACI 2023 project.
  • 2020: opening of the Meyzieu site

Contact us

ACI Villeurbanne
10, rue du Pérou
69603 Villeurbanne
Tooling de Meyzieu
4 Bis Avenue Lionel Terray
69330 Meyzieu

+ 33 (0)1 76 87 71 22