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Mobility consulting by Renault

Find out about Mobility Consulting: the offer specially formulated for your company fleet, including advice and the analysis/ optimisation of your current fleet, and the introduction of corporate mobility services.

Bespoke coaching

As the car fleet market changes, so do your needs. We are here to advise and support you on a daily basis.

The principle

Experts establish a diagnosis of the actual use of your vehicles, provide recommendations, and offer assistance in the implementation.

The objective: develop your car fleet in line with your requirements. This involves finding the right level of electrification (hybrid, rechargeable hybrid, all-electric) and adapted charging solutions.

How ?

Mobility Consulting by Renault is based on a practical and operational approach to fleet management. We support our key account customers throughout with bespoke assessment and decision-making tools.


A varied offer

We offer a complete range of vehicles to match all uses.

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