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A real proprity for all the brands in Renault Group, the quality is the cornerstone of the trust placed in us by our customers. The Quality team not only carries our customers' voice and demands, but also inspire all the teams in the group to work together to serve them.

Our Quality team orchestrates the group's quality approach, with the aim of offering the best possible customer experience. The team is involved from the design to the industrialisation of the vehicles, and from purchase to resale. We support technological changes and the development of new business territories by improving the quality of software, on-board or off-board connected services. This is why our team today includes employees with competencies in both IT and quality fields.

News about Quality

Dacia, designed to last!

Known to be both affordable and reliable, Dacia cars are also widely renowned for being built with robust parts. It is not unusual to see Logan and Duster cars with a few hundred thousand miles on the metre! 

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