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Our businesses transformation: how do Renault Group and CNAM respond?

12 June 2024
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The digital and energy transitions in our sector pose the challenge of changing our professions. How does Renault Group work with academic partners to co-construct an agile and adapted training offer, and thus ensure the long-term employability of its employees? And how do we attract and train the next generation? We put these questions to Patrick Benammar, VP Learning and Development Renault Group, and Bénédicte Fauvarque-Cosson, General Administrator of the Conservatoire national des arts et métiers (CNAM), as part of our Integrated Report 2023-2024, which explores the fundamentals of the next automotive generation.
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What are the challenges resulting from the transformation of industry jobs?

Bénédicte Fauvarque-Cosson_ Our mission at the CNAM is to provide lifelong learning. Training young people and upskilling employees are ways of adapting to change. Europe has made this a strategic priority, and the CNAM intends to play a pivotal role. We train both engineers and technicians, an occupation that is currently in demand, and we promote our short training courses, which can be followed by further coursework or qualification based on professional experience. Finally, we want to make jobs in industry more attractive to women.

Patrick Benammar_ The transformation of our professions presents a major challenge. The digital and energy transitions, the development of the circular economy and electrification require new skills that are essential to remain competitive and innovative. We need to maintain our employees’ level of expertise and employability over the long term. That’s why we set up ReKnow University in 2021, with the CNAM and other partners. Designed as an ecosystem of academic and industrial collaboration, ReKnow provides training not only for Group employees but also a much broader audience.

What do you see as the benefits of your collaboration?

Bénédicte Fauvarque-Cosson_ Jobs are changing fast, and so is training. If we want to provide training that is adapted to current circumstances, we have to work side by side with industry players. Our collaboration with Renault Group informs not just our training courses but also our research. Apprenticeships are also expanding significantly. So it makes sense for us to work together on training and options for young people. In developing our strategic direction for the next five-year contract with the French government, we brought in Chairman Jean-Dominique Senard to join our strategic support committee.

Patrick Benammar_ When we set up ReKnow University, we sought to work with academic partners. We knew about CNAM’s extensive experience in guiding transformations, the quality of its cutting-edge research laboratories in many fields, and its invaluable regional reach. In fact, working with the CNAM enables us to advance faster and in a collaborative spirit.

What training programs have you developed recently?

Bénédicte Fauvarque-Cosson_ CNAM Normandie is a partner to Renault Group’s E-Mobility Academy at Cléon. As part of this program, we have rolled out a post-secondary education certificate in electrical machinery manufacturing. We are also looking into developing new training courses, such as power electronics. This kind of training is strategic for keeping industrial production in France. We are also working with Verkor at the École de la Batterie.

Patrick Benammar_ The E-Mobility Academy is supported by the 2030 recovery plan, following the call for expression of interest in “Skills and professions of the future”. This training program is a fine example of co-construction: we invested in equipment to put learners in real-life situations and CNAM Normandie designed the academic program. With CNAM Bretagne, we developed a cybersecurity first response team member course, which is now open to other companies. And we are also developing a training course in power electronics to launch down the road.

2023-2024 Integrated Report


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