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Renault reveals Kadjar, Captur's big brother

02 February 2015
Renault Kadjar
Buoyed by the success of the Captur, Renault is continuing its offensive in the world of crossovers with the launch of the Kadjar, the brand's first C-segment crossover. In a fast growing and extremely popular area of the market, the Kadjar will boost Renault's ambitions on the international stage. The sibling to the Captur shakes up established thinking by bringing an innovative and attractive proposition to the crossover market. Discover the first pictures of Renault Kadjar and it's fluid and athletic exterior styling.
by Renault Group

Kadjar, a global model in line with Renault's international ambitions

In 2014, almost one in every five vehicles sold across the world was a crossover, with the segment enjoying a market share of 23 % in Europe and 26 % in China. The segment consequently represents a real entry point to the key growth markets targeted by the group.

That's why after Captur and Koleos, Renault maintains its offensive in this international segment, with Kadjar, a C-segment model.

Kadjar will be manufactured at Renault's Spanish plant in Palencia, and will go on sales this summer in Europe, followed by the majority of the Mediterranean countries and north Africa.

The new crossover is also poised to spearhead the Renault Group's offensive in China. Kadjar will be the first vehicle manufactured in the Dongfeng Renault plant in Wuhan.

A new style for the crossover market

The big brother to the Captur brings a new proposition to the crossover market through its unique design which marks a break from the segment's current trends. The Renault Kadjar combines a bold personality with seductive appeal.

Its strong personality is highlighted by :

Its compact footprint (4.45 metres long x 1.84 metres wide) and a low roofline (1.60 m)

Renault Kadjar

Its front that exudes an impression of strength

Renault Kadjar optique

Its sculpted sides and powerful shoulders that reinforces its athletic silhouette

Kadjar Renault

But Kadjar also features the main cues of the crossover world :

Kadjar Renault

A generous ground clearance (190 mm),

A structured grill that hightens the addertive character of the vehicle,

Large wheels (690 mm) and rims of up to 19 inches,

Roof bars which add to Kadjar's dynamic poise,

Kadjar's strong character is reinforced by the new lighting signature which characterizes the brand's mid-range and high-end models.

A LED light guide in the form of the letter C combines a sense of status-enhancing distinction with a high-tech feel.

Kadjar's interior is smart and comfortable, with a dashboard pleasant to the touch, double rows of visible stitching...

Kadjar, an assertive crossover to match every mood

Kadjar has been designed to answer the needs of families. It benefits from a raft of relevant, intuitive technologies which contribute to an efficient relaxed, driving experience.

Kadjar blends a subtle combination of SUV, estate car and saloon cues, while retaining the undiluted DNA and design thinking of the Renault brand.

Available with either 4x2 or 4X4 transmission, Kadjar is equally at home on open roads as it is in built-up areas.

Kadjar takes its robust built from the world of SUVs. Two wheel drive versions incorporate Extended Grip, which enhances traction in difficult conditions, assisted by the fitment of Mud ans Snow Tyres.

Kadjar's versatility is inspired by estate cars. The Kadjar's interior modularity is user-friendly and intuitive with an impressive cabin space, 30 litres of practical storage...

Renault Kadjar boasts a level of driving enjoyment and comfort associated with saloon cars, with a similar driving position, and an excellent quality of upholstery for the enveloping seats.