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Make your application shine

and use the opportunity to its full extent
How do you apply and prepare for an interview? That’s the big question a lot of applicants ask. Here are some helpful tips to better understand this important step in the hiring process. Your goal: to land an interview and prepare for it with confidence. Follow the guide!

Dare to stand up

Make your personality stand out and highlight the key points about your background. An application with character has a better chance of catching our recruiters’ eyes. To set your application apart, enhance it with letters of recommendation, your portfolio, or your certifications.

Letters of recommendation



Dont't be a spammer

You find an opening on LinkedIn and decide to apply with a simple comment. That’s the wrong approach – just like sending a basic resume based on templates you can download online. An application in a hurry is like spam: it’s more likely to end up in the rubbish bin!

Key points for making your interview a success

  1. An interview requires preparation: use the Groupe Renault website and social media to find out what’s happening at the company.
  2. Think about your expectations in terms of tasks, growth, career prospects, learning, management type, etc.
  3. Charm offensive: think about the issues you’ll face and present yourself as an applicant who can come up with solutions. Our recruiters love that.

Be careful with your online reputation

Checking out your online reputation can sometimes reveal surprises. Spend some time on it. How? By filling out your LinkedIn profile, for example. And by being careful with your written comments on professional social media sites. In short, people forget about posts that are written like text messages.

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