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Industry Week: The Technocentre hosts Plant 4.0

18 March 2019
Groupe Renault - Technocentre - Transformation Digital - Usine 4.0
The challenge of the “Plant of the Future” exhibition consisted in reproducing an almost life-size industrial site showcasing the digital transformation at our plants and in our supply chain.
by Valérie Calloch

Hosted at the Technocentre, Europe’s leading R&D center, the event presents a broad overview of the new developments that are already shaping the plant of tomorrow.

A fun, educational and immersive exhibition

At the exhibition, featuring drones in action, 3D videos, virtual reality glasses, self-guided vehicles and automated forklift trucks, the 11,000 employees at the Technocentre will have the opportunity to discover innovations, and talk with experts while exploring five universes.

  1. The plant for living, facilitating mobility and boosting the sharing of information.
  2. The connected production line, more agile and faster in workshops, simplifying decision-making right on the production line.
  3. The real-time management of the plant and the supply chain for better anticipating and responding to new customer trends.
  4. Traceability throughout the manufacturing process, to ensure controlled production and the compliance of our products and verify our production resources.
  5. Lastly, with the digital twin – comprehensive 3D modeling of the plant – Production Engineering is able to fully simulate the manufacturing processes of the plant of the future.

Digital and collaborative

With apps for operators, touchscreens for team leaders, digital workstations and 3D glasses for training, the digital transformation is contributing to industrial excellence and the satisfaction of customers as well as that of the men and women constituting the lifeblood of the plant. The plant is undergoing a true revolution, with changes in skills and professions, simplified day-to-day work and decision-making in real time.

”Plant of the future” exhibition is an informative and original way of appropriating new technologies with no fears and supporting their implementation.

Plant of the future, it's now!

Learn more about the Exhibition: Plant of the Future

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