Renault Group

Caudan Plant (Fonderie de Bretagne)


Fonderie de Bretagne, a subsidiary of Groupe Renault, is a major player in South Brittany’s economy. Established there since 1965, FDB produces rough-cast and machined parts for the automotive industry: safety components and engine and gearbox parts.
  • FOUNDED IN: 1965

  • LEGAL FORM AND CAPITAL OWNERSHIP: "S.N.C." (general partnership) with capital of 2 962 000 € fully owned by Renault SAS (France)

  • ACTIVITY: Production of foundry parts, raw and machined, in Spheroidal Graphite cast iron.

  • WORKFORCE: 276 employees at 31th of December 2021

  • AREA: 42 250 m2 covered, on a ground of 27 ha

  • CERTIFICATIONS: ISO 14001, ISO 9001 version 2015


Main products

Engine parts: exhaust bends
Transmission parts: differential housings
Chassis parts (safety parts): suspension arms and rocket carriers
  • Iron casting: 11,433 tons


FONDERIE DE BRETAGNE IS CERTIFIED ISO 14001. Environmental protection is a priority for FDB. Throughout the manufacturing chain of its foundry parts, FDB carries out actions to reduce their environmental impacts (water, energy, wastes…).

Environmental policy (French only)


FONDERIE DE BRETAGNE IS CERTIFIED ISO 9001 The achievement of our quality objectives (customer complaints, reject rate…) illustrates our ability to satisfy our customers.

Quality policy (French only)


The site continues to ramp up the new moulding line.

Our history
Back to the key dates
  • 1965: the foundation stone of the plant was laid by French Prime Minister Georges Pompidou.
  • 1966: thee first casting line started work on 1 July. Eventually, a total of four casting lines would come into operation, supplied by 11 electric fusion kilns.
  • 1972: first modernisation operation, with the replacement of one of the first four casting lines.
  • 1979: start of two new casting lines (exhaust manifolds).
  • 1996: six Comau machine-tooling centres brought into operation (machine tools for machining mechanical parts).
  • 1999: the foundry was attached to the Teksid (Fiat)group.
  • 2000: the machine-tooling building was extended and 11 Heller centres were installed (turning-milling).
  • 2009: la Fonderie de Bretagne becomes a 100% subsidiary of Groupe Renault again.
  • 2011: Groupe Renault announced a plan to modernise the foundry, including installation of a new casting line.
  • 2012: start-up of production of fifth-generation K9K engines.
  • 2014: start-up of production of kingpins for Trafic, Twingo and Smart.
  • 2015: arrival of a new automated finishing stand.
  • 2016: start-up of the new molding line for rocket carriers, suspension arms, housings and crankshafts.
  • 2017: commission of a new pre-machining line of differential housings with the installation of 4 lathes.
  • 2018: start of the 3D printing for the tools
  • 2019: arrival of a ScanBox Gom optical dimensional control device (parts and tools).
  • 2020: reconstruction of the molding line following a fire. Increase of the production rate and reintegration of the parts.
  • 2021: modernisation of the finishing PCU (Production and Control Unit).

Contact us

Fonderie de Bretagne
Z.I de Kerpont – Rue Daniel Trudaine
56850 Caudan

+ 33 (0)1 76 88 27 47